Monday Musings 24 January: Remember when it was rude to take your shoes off at the airport?

shoes at the airport

The past week felt tinged with nostalgia for some of our little Big Ambitions team. The reason? Where to start?  The killing of the fish paste. Who didn’t feel distraught at the news that Peck’s Anchovette and Redro fish paste are no more? First the great Marmite shortage, then Nestlé’s Chocolate Log, and now our beloved fish paste. Journalist Jeremy Maggs summed up our collective feelings when he said: “My world is […]

Monday Musings 06 December: When the chips are down…

Monday Musings dog-bulldog-pet-puppy-animal-white-cute-canine-boston-breed-portrait-domestic-young-adorable-funny_t20_8d9ywV (1)

There are some moments in history that are so odd, so surreal, that they sound entirely made up. Omicron will be one of those moments – mark my words!   What happened in the past week and a half defies all logic. I’m not sure how historians will manage to capture the events. Maybe something along the lines of:  South Africa’s scientific community showed […]

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky?

Rat in the air

I’m a rat of the sky. And proud to be!   Let me give you some background. A few years ago, the Big Ambitions team went on a teambuilding weekend during which Teresa Richardson from TMReworked helped us discover our DISC personalities. In a nutshell, there are 4 personality types:   Eagle: Competitive and enjoys conquering new opportunities. Just like the raptors […]

Monday Musings 27 September: Have you tried looking at it upside down?

cat-rolling-upside-down-on-a-closet-LNNP4B9 (2)

Sometimes, you just need to turn things on their head. It’s refreshing and it helps gain perspective … especially when times are tough.   I’m not going to tell you that you need to ‘pivot’ because of the pandemic. I hate the word – I find it belligerent. And frankly, all I can think of when hearing ‘pivot’ is Ross and his couch. (Millennials – […]

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star? 

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  36

Remember the time when getting lost was a hot trend in travel? In 2011, the BBC even went as far as writing a guideline on how to go about ‘getting lost’ while on holiday.  Fast forward 10 years and we’re all feeling a little lost. And not in a good way. Ever since that nasty little virus turned our […]

Monday Musings 19 July 2021: We’ve got this, South Africa!

Monday Musings 19 July 2021: We’ve got this, South Africa! 42

Full disclosure: I’m in Belgium. That’s right: with two teenagers in tow, I braved COVID tests, quarantines, weird and wacky new airport rules (did you know that they now ask you to take all electronics and all cables out of your bag at security at ORTIA?), and travelled long-haul for the first time in two […]

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa!

Old TV composition

“Jessica, we are live!” – The phrase that had every Namibian (and South African) in stitches this week.  In case you haven’t seen  it – prepare to laugh out loud while simultaneously cringing in sympathy for poor Jessica and Elmarie who went viral after their excruciatingly awkward exchange live on air. Their mishap is a […]