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Monday Musings 26 July – Millennial Wanderlust

It wouldn’t be right to start this Monday Musings without addressing the disappointing performance South Africa put up against The British

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Monday Musings 19 July 2021: We’ve got this, South Africa!

Full disclosure: I’m in Belgium. That’s right: with two teenagers in tow, I braved COVID tests, quarantines, weird and wacky

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4 ways design can transform your content marketing

What your brand stands for and how your customer relates to your content can be simplified by using excellent design elements e.g., stock photos, infographics, illustrations, videos, charts & data visualisation within your content.

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Monday Musings 12 July 2021: Dear Intern

We've thought long and hard about pressing send on this week's mailer. Because it hasn't been a great day. Because

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Monday Musings 5 July 2021: What are your POVID Predictions?

Say what? Yes, a new word you may see taking off in the near future is POVID – ‘post-covid.’ The linguistics lovers

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Monday Musings 28 June 2021: Now, Now? Just Now? Ja Well No fine

If you woke up feeling any level of despair or anxiety this morning, know that you are not alone. Let's

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