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Monday Musings 27 November: Hatching happiness: How backyard chicken-keeping gave me back my zen

Honestly, life already felt like a chicken run – kids, work, repeat. I didn't have a minute to spare. Yet,

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Monday Musings 20 November: Where does your melodic time machine transport you?

Music has a funny way of worming its melodic tendrils deep into the crevices of our minds, stirring up memories

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Monday Musings 13 November: Why watching ads is the marketing superpower you never knew you needed

Raise your hand if you're a serial binge watcher. I definitely am. But as I listened to a recent Marketing

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Monday Musings 6 November: Neither here nor there, but right where we should be

Ah, November – the Malcolm in the Middle of months. South Africa is fresh off the 2023 Rugby World Cup

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Monday Musings 30 October: In rugby, we share backward. In unity, we move forward.

Image credit: Flickr Government ZA It’s probably the wrong time to admit this, but I’m not that into rugby. I

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Monday Musings 23 October: Juggling 101

You don’t have to be all things to all people. I love these 10 words. They serve as a mantra

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