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Monday Musings: What’s your uniform of hope?

Hello Level One! The further easing of our lockdown levels is certainly cause for celebration (a socially distanced, mask wearing, sanitised, calm, please-keep-it-small celebration), sparking some much-needed hope that we’re getting back

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Monday Musings: Perseverance, Kit-Kats and the hidden danger of comparing yourself to others

When award-winning writer and columnist, Chris Jones first started at Esquire magazine, he took over the sports column from his

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Monday Musings: “I’m not a cat”, but let’s keep going

It wasn’t four years ago that a mortified Professor Robert Kelly had his live Zoom interview with the BBC about

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Monday Musings: So, why is your chicken crossing the road?

We all know the chicken crosses the road, right? But the burning question has shifted. It doesn’t really matter why

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7 key components of a brand

The tone you use when posting and commenting on Facebook, or what shade of red you choose for your logo

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Monday Musings: Closer to the end than the beginning

With January now under our belt, how are you feeling about the year ahead?

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