Tuesday Takeaway 03 May: Rethinking the 4-Day Week  


Confession time. I have always loved the idea of a 4-day working week. So much so, that at our last teambuilding event I was even bold enough to write ‘4-day week’ on our 2022 vision board. After all, a 4-day week will force us to work smarter not harder, we’ll have more work/life balance, increased […]

Monday Musings 28 March: In praise of celebration

dog-celebrating-with-party-hat-2021-08-29-09-29-27-utc (2)

It feels like it has been a while since South Africa was on the right side of an edge-of-your-seat, 1-off-1-ball victory. Mignon du Preez, Laura Wolvaardt, Shabnim Isamail, Masabatha Klaas and Lara Goodall and the entire team gave us plenty to smile about yesterday. The Proteas Women beat India in a nail-biting, last-ball thriller to […]

Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content

Monday Musings

Has your year got off to a good start? If you’re anything like me (and I reckon 95% of the world’s population) you gave New Year’s resolutions a skip this year. After all, resolutions are not the vibe for 2022. As writer Faith Hill says, “If we can’t let go of frantic self-improvement nearly two years into a pandemic, when […]

“End of the year” Musings: Our favourite travel pieces from 2021


It was another turbulent year for the global travel and tourism industry. In the face of all the ups and downs, about turns, chaos and confusion, it was up to travel writers to keep the dream alive. And boy did they deliver in spades.   While 2020 was all about armchair travel, 2021 was about getting out and exploring the world again – with joy, confidence, optimism and […]

Monday Musings 29 November: Fairy tales don’t end in the dark forest

Monday musings

A shorter musings this week because as you can imagine, there is a lot going on. Am I allowed to use the word rollercoaster?   I mean, we all woke up on Thursday morning (with literally 4 weeks to Christmas) feeling pretty good. By the afternoon the world had a brand new variant, and over the next three days we could only watch in horror and disbelief as South Africa’s […]

Monday Musings 25 October: Is it a Bones Day?


A few years ago a friend attended a conference. Seated at a table with Americans she was enjoying listening to their stories and quietly sharing her experiences. And an American suddenly said, “How very South African of you.” Excuse me?   He went onto to explain that Americans are naturally confident and happy to share their achievements – in other words, […]

Monday Musings 20 September: “You Need to be that Bright Spot”

Monday musings

As an industry, we desperately needed the green list news. Personally, I needed the green list news as a post-third-wave, everything’s-going-to-be-okay, psychological turning point of sorts. But sadly, it wasn’t to be.   South Africa is set to remain on the red list for at least the next few weeks. To add insult to injury, Minister of Health Dr Joe Phaahla now says that an implementation plan for […]

Monday Musings 16 August: Overthinkers Anonymous

Monday Musings 16 August: Overthinkers Anonymous 37

Join the club. Anxiety, procrastination, imposter syndrome and overthinking. Do you know what they have in common? They’re all a sign of overwhelm, stress and impending burnout. And they can derail your day – affecting your creativity and productivity. If you let them. When you’re faced with uncertainty and fear (and the current global situation continues to […]

Monday Musings 12 July 2021: Dear Intern

Monday Musings 12 July 2021: Dear Intern 43

We’ve thought long and hard about pressing send on this week’s mailer. Because it hasn’t been a great day. Because colleagues and friends have been affected by the violence and unrest in KZN. Because there is a lot going on. If you’re feeling the same despair and anxiety – please park this and revisit it […]