Sonnette Fourie’s true passion shines through when it comes to all things Media, Communication and Design. She started her career as a graphic designer and then moved into the newspaper world, where she bossed a team of journalists and administrators to ensure the paper kept ticking over smoothly and was delivered on deadline. After a hiatus and a stint in Zambia, during which she successfully got her two daughters through to Grade 12 home-schooling, she has jumped back into the working world with the same enthusiasm and commitment she has shown for teaching. Sonnette’s superpower is her willingness to both learn and teach combined with great attention to detail and being a stickler for delivering correctly and on time. Sonnette loves the outdoors and you will find her either combing the beach, hiking a mountain or running trails in her spare time. She is also a dedicated member of the core team at the Paarl Parkrun.