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Main Role Objective

The Virtual Assistant’s role is to support the Managing Director The Virtual Assistant will develop a general understanding of all aspects of the business and provide proactive support to the MD by anticipating her needs, being resourceful, showing initiative and energy and employing a can-do, creative approach to problem-solving. This Virtual Assistant has the ability to think critically, multi-task and develop a rapport with contacts at all levels to reinforce the Big Ambitions brand. She/he proactively suggests ways to streamline, improve, and achieve Big Ambitions’ Attributes of Thought Leadership, Love, Growth and Excellence.


This role reports to:


Primary Responsibilities and Tasks

Secondary Responsibilities and Tasks

Must have experience with:

Ideally has experience with:

In a nutshell, you are:

This is a fast-paced, fast-changing environment which requires you to have an agile mindset, be flexible, resourceful and have an innovative, independent approach to problem-solving. You are a Doer – someone who does not wait to be asked. Rather, you look for gaps and opportunities and seek to fill them efficiently and quickly. You are honest, respectful and lead with empathy in your communications. Your organisational skills are top-notch, you’re able to follow through without being followed up on and show creativity in the face of challenges.


This role is not for you if:

This role is not for you if you wait to be told what to do, are looking for a 9 to 5 job where you can check-out, outside of ‘normal’ working hours and want strong corporate structures and culture. The company has an entrepreneurial mindset and you will be required to fly the plane and fix it midair, so if you need a great deal of guidance to get going and lots of support and encouragement, this is not the right one for you. 

How you’ll be evaluated in this role:


About Big Ambitions

Big Ambitions Team

Leveraging a firm knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism sector, Big Ambitions Marketing is a specialist communications, marketing and content agency based in South Africa with experience and expertise in creating and driving B2C and B2B communications and marketing campaigns in the travel and tourism space.

Our core competencies lie in the areas of tourism communications and marketing strategy and roll-out, content creation, community building and market research for organisations such as destination marketing organisations, tourism associations, travel technology firms, tourism consultants and tourism and travel product.  

The Big Ambitions Marketing team comes from a tourism and travel background which ensures a firm understanding of the challenges for and requirements of tourism organisations and companies – providing the foundation for meaningful and targeted B2C and B2B communication and marketing strategies in all areas of tourism, from industry lobbying, crisis communication and destination promotion to communicating and translating animal interaction guidelines, health and hygiene safety protocols and government regulations.

We are skilled at connecting our travel and tourism customers with their customers through a range of platforms – social media, video, website, PR, webinars and virtual meetings, events and trade liaison. Lastly, we have provided market research and strategy creation services to tourism consultants, particularly on projects in Africa.  Our role is to inspire and inform people to connect meaningfully with their world. 

Mission Statement

We exist to connect travel and tourism companies with their customers in such a way that they are inspired to act in some way – to share, to travel, to contribute, to grow, to be their best self. 

Core Values

Thought Leadership

Big Ambitions’ staff have worked in travel and tourism and are experts in their field. They are always levelling up to stay ahead.


The Big Ambitions team has heart and is not afraid to show it. We love our team. We love our customers. We love our industry.  


We are invested in our personal growth through continual levelling up and the growth of our customers through meaningful and focused solutions.


Quality is important to us, as is being the very best we can be, not only for our customers and their customers but for us personally.

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