Monday Musings 7 August: It’s a Foolish Dog…

Every morning I take my dogs for a walk and along the way I often find myself advising them on their behaviour. I tend to find little messages in nature, like the time I told a bee “Don’t get angry, it will kill you.” Yes, well!

I am never quite sure if the message is for my dogs or myself. Natalia Rosa recently shared her own realisations from dog walks. Clearly a daily walk with furry companions is good for us. They get me out of bed, a much harder feat in winter, and I’m always grateful for  the beauty I see because I went outside. Birds fly overhead. The mountain I love is a constant source of inspiration. And sometimes, I get to walk between the moon and the sun.

One of my dogs, a recent rescue adoptee, is currently navigating his obsessions – for birds, cats, and mole hills. Some of the nuggets of wisdom I share with him:

  • Be careful where you stick your nose. Having stuck my nose in far too many things along life’s journey, this is a great reminder to butt out of business that does not concern me. In the early part of my career, a mentor said, “Don’t fight everyone’s battles for them.” Many times, it is I who have spoken out whilst the person who should have stepped up did not, and this kind of leads me to the next point.
  • If you are looking for trouble, it will find you. Who knows what might bite my dog. Sometimes it is best to step back. This has never been more pertinent in the age of social media when many times I want to express an opinion, and I remind myself to hold back. If the whole neighbourhood is barking at you, walk on. I say, “don’t even look at them.”
  • “It’s a foolish dog, bark at a flying bird.” I do love this gem from Bob Marley. Sometimes chasing or yapping at things that will never change*, will make you crazy. Then there are those defensive Spotted thick-knee (dikkop) birds and I say, “Ignore. That is a crazy bird and has no consequence on your life.” Hmm. We also know better than to tangle with a gang of guinea fowl.
  • Stay focused on your walk. Every time my dog stops to look at those very attractive spurfowl, I gently turn his head and say, “stay focused on your walk”. He has become very good at listening to this nugget, and I am reminded to stay focused on my walk, on my path.

We all have a path to walk – I hope yours is filled with beauty, and preferably a furry friend.

*If yapping will make real and positive change, keep yapping!

Mindful Musings

Monday Musings 7 August: It’s a Foolish Dog… 1

Marketing Musings

by Lucy Mussett

How to succeed in a dog-eat-dog world!

Ready to take a bite out of the business world? Unleash your marketing prowess and discover how to outshine the competition, from branding to strategy. Navigating the marketing world can feel like a dog-eat-dog competition, more intense than a poodle at a hot dog stand. But with strategic approaches, the rivalry can be tamed. Entrepreneurs who’ve weathered the storm share their insights:

  1. Clear Communication: Lay out expectations, responsibilities, and goals upfront. Regular check-ins maintain alignment.
  2. Vet Partnerships: Thoroughly research potential partners for shared values and a solid reputation.
  3. Written Agreements: Formalise roles, responsibilities, and profit-sharing with legally binding contracts.
  4. Exit Strategies: Plan exit routes for disputes, buyouts, or partner changes.
  5. Trust Instincts: Follow intuition; investigate concerns and seek expert advice.
  6. Professionalism: Balance personal ties with professionalism; prioritise the business.
  7. Legal Guidance: Consult legal experts for contract clarity and obligations.
  8. Document Everything: Maintain detailed records for dispute resolution.
  9. Regular Evaluation: Continuously assess partnerships for mutual benefit.
  10. Learn from Mistakes: Convert setbacks into learning opportunities.

In fierce marketing arenas, apply the following:

  1. Unique Branding: Define a distinctive brand identity and communicate it consistently.
  2. Innovative Tactics: Experiment with creative formats and interactive content.
  3. Customer Focus: Tailor campaigns to customer needs and preferences.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: Use real-time data for informed decisions.
  5. Niche Targeting: Concentrate on specific industry niches.
  6. Adaptability: Pivot swiftly to match evolving trends.
  7. Competitor Awareness: Study competitors to identify gaps and strengths.
  8. Compelling Content: Craft valuable, engaging content.
  9. Strong Online Presence: Boost visibility through active social media and optimised websites.
  10. Influencer Collaborations: Partner with industry influencers for wider reach.
  11. Outstanding Service: Exceed customer expectations for positive word-of-mouth.
  12. Continuous Learning: Stay updated on marketing trends.
  13. Localised Strategies: Tailor efforts to regional preferences.
  14. Loyalty Programs: Build customer relationships through loyalty initiatives.
  15. Consistent Branding: Maintain uniform branding across touchpoints.

Remember, a mix of creativity, adaptability, and audience understanding is key to thriving amidst competition. Implement these strategies to stand out and succeed in the dynamic marketing landscape.

Do you need to think like a gambler to outsmart the competition?

Team Musings

by Teresa Richardson

Unveiling Your Path to Perfect First Impressions: A Masterclass in Personal Impact

Ever pondered the profound wisdom behind the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? It’s no mere cliché – it’s an essential mantra in our world of swift judgments and swift decisions. Today, we’re about to embark on a journey that will unravel the intricate art of first impressions, all while keeping it as refreshing as a playful penguin’s jig!

Let’s start at the beginning – a combination of appearance, body language, and eloquence all contribute towards what we call the first impression. Imagine this: you enter a room, and before your voice resonates, opinions have already formed based on your attire, your confident stride, and that captivating sparkle in your eyes.

Now, let’s take this knowledge to the professional arena. Whether you’re entering a job interview or engaging with a potential client for the first time, that initial handshake (or virtual wave) has the power to shape your entire professional journey. It’s akin to the opening sequence of a blockbuster – captivating enough, and your audience will eagerly await the next act; falter, and the reviews may be less than favourable.

No worries, though – I’m here to equip you with tailored tips for the diverse spectrum of DISC personality styles. Brace yourselves for the reveal:

  • For the Dominant style personality (D): Exude confidence and focus on results. Let your dynamism be the star of the show!
  • The Influential style personality (I): Flash that radiant smile and embrace enthusiasm. Your energy is utterly infectious!
  • The Steady style personality (S): Exhibit empathy and become an exceptional listener. Your serene and understanding demeanour speaks volumes.
  • The Conscientious style personality (C): Showcase meticulous attention to detail. Precision is your ultimate asset.

Now, ponder this: What initial impression do you truly leave? Are you the magnetic maven or the analytical architect?

Of course, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We’ve all experienced those awkward moments, akin to stepping on a metaphorical banana peel during our first impression waltz. But fear not – your escape plan is at hand. Authenticity, sustained eye contact, and affirmative body language are your allies in avoiding mishaps.

But wait, there’s more! In this era of virtual omnipresence, mastering online first impressions takes on a new dimension. Whether it’s crafting captivating email introductions or seamlessly commanding a Zoom call, projecting your magnificence through the digital veil demands an exquisite touch. Keep in mind, a pixelated grin holds as much charm as its real-life counterpart!

I’ve merely scratched the surface of this captivating subject, offering you a glimpse into the realm of first impressions. Should your thirst for understanding yourself and your surroundings persist, consider immersing yourself in one of our transformative ‘From Me to We’ workshops. It’s an expedition of self-revelation, personal growth, and, of course, mastering the art of leaving an indelible mark. Until then, go forth and bedazzle the world with your extraordinary presence.

Monday Musings 7 August: It’s a Foolish Dog… 2

What the world was musing over the past week

Monday Musings 7 August: It’s a Foolish Dog… 3

Banyana Banyana showed the right stuff!

Banyana Banyana shone these past few weeks and gave South Africans a sense of patriotism. President Ramaphosa promoted equal pay. Good way to start Women’s month. Well played ladies.

Monday Musings 7 August: It’s a Foolish Dog… 4

Declarations of love

A 50th wedding anniversary celebrated not with a simple bouquet but an entire field of sunflowers.

Monday Musings 7 August: It’s a Foolish Dog… 5

It’s a dog’s life…for this man at least!

A Japanese man hit the headlines recently after he spent thousands of Japanese yen on a border collie dog suit to fulfil his dream of becoming a dog. Talk about making an impression.