Monday Musings 29 January: Less clutter. More calm.

The research is in:  the clutter in your home is probably the reason you’re still munching on junk food and binge watching Netflix even though you swore 2024 was the year you were going to cut down. It’s also likely part of the reason you’re stressed, anxious, and depressed more often than you’d care to admit. In short, clutter is bad for your brain – and I can attest to it.

Ok, so I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions – like Linda Piegl, I much prefer regular course correction. But December/January happens to be the one period every year that I have the necessary time to make some positive changes.

During last year’s festive season, I was forced to turn my attention to my cluttered, disorganised house after a year of neglect while juggling two young kids, many (oh, so many) pets, and a full-time job. The relief of re-organising and throwing away old, broken bits and bobs was 20 times more rejuvenating than the ‘holiday’ itself.

Suddenly, everything had its place. Tidying up after my little savages became infinitely easier and the house started looking a little less chaotic and a little more ‘Marie Kondo’.

I could finally breathe again. So, I took it a step further. The house was organised, now it was time to organise my life. I downloaded a simple ‘to-do’ list app that I could fill with those never-ending lists I was constantly creating in my head (lists that would quickly overwhelm me because I could never remember what was what or which tasks had to be done first). And bam. Everything started to run smoothly. Life was manageable – something I haven’t been able to say for a very long time.

Then I took the next plunge and joined the 5AM club, because why not? If you haven’t yet heard of this trend (which has millions of views on TikTok), it’s a simple method for self-care: get up at the crack of dawn and spend one whole hour on YOU. Your health, growth, and self-reflection. In my case, I spend the time drinking way too much tea in the garden while watching my chickens waddle around and getting a head-start on my work. But the result is the same: I always feel less stressed knowing I’ve started the day on the right foot.

Ultimately, getting rid of clutter in the house was the catalyst for eliminating the clutter from my mind and the rest of my life. And it turns out, this is a common outcome when you take that first step. According to professional organiser Raychel Klein:

“Organising our homes can extend to other areas of our lives. As we develop the habit of decluttering and maintaining order, we may find ourselves more inclined to adopt healthier lifestyle habits too.”

So, there you go. Happy house, happy life. Here’s to 2024 – may your spaces be decluttered, your mind clear, and your days peaceful.

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Monday Musings 29 January: Less clutter. More calm. 1

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Monday Musings 29 January: Less clutter. More calm. 2


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Monday Musings 29 January: Less clutter. More calm. 3

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Monday Musings 29 January: Less clutter. More calm. 4

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Monday Musings 29 January: Less clutter. More calm. 5

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