Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland’s forests… and life!

Staring down the barrel of another decade, a colleague and I recently shared a candid conversation over a quick work catch up. From our respective corners of the world – mine temporarily relocated to the emerald greenery of Ireland – we pondered life’s “what ifs” and the chances left for us to grab at something new, something thrilling.

My companion through this contemplation has been my brother’s ever-busy Irish collie, Arlo. We traverse forest trails together daily, sometimes even twice when I’m up for the challenge. Through the trees, along the mossy paths, (often when it’s raining, which it appears to do on a whim in Ireland), Arlo’s endless energy is infectious. As he barrels along, carefree and brimming with joy, I find myself reflecting on my own routines, habits – a creature of comforts, like so many of us.

An email from Alex Brogan popped up last week, discussing Jeff Bezos’ Regret Minimisation Framework. You know the one – looking at life’s choices through the rear-view mirror of an 80-year-old self. The woods, the walks, and the wisdom seemed to collide in this moment, delivering a Eureka I was not expecting but so desperately needed. Read more about it and the practical tips the framework provides here (you’ll need to subscribe but it’s worth it). 

Choices feel weighty. The road splits ahead, and every path seems both inviting and intimidating. One of those splits led to a highway (thank you Arlo *not*). Yet, as I watch his “Royal Fluffiness” chase his tail, and herds upon herds of sheep, oblivious to the worries of the world, I’m reminded that it’s okay to change course, to sniff out new adventures, to chase after that elusive rabbit (figuratively speaking, of course).

Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland's forests… and life! 1

This Regret Minimisation Framework is a reminder that we are allowed to pursue our passions and shift our directions, and it’s perfectly fine if the path is sometimes strewn with twigs and a stray pinecone or two. After all, wouldn’t our 80-year-old selves applaud our courage and regret the paths left untrodden?

So, here’s to your new dream, to grabbing those opportunities, and to teaching old dogs new tricks. To finding that elusive work-life balance, even if it takes a rowdy Irish Collie and a bit of Irish luck.

Here’s to you. You’ve got this, friend.

Mindful Musings

Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland's forests… and life! 2

Marketing Musings

The power of faces: A new perspective in travel marketing

Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland's forests… and life! 3

The travel industry has long been defined by its ability to showcase stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks, leveraging the allure of undiscovered territories to attract potential travellers.

But what could be more compelling than capturing that moment of pure, unfiltered joy on a traveller’s face? That beaming selfie taken in front of a landmark screams louder than a thousand brochures of empty landscapes. It says: “Look, this could be you living your best life!”

As marketers, it’s easy to fall into the allure of stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks. But here’s the rub: it’s the people, not just the places, that make the travel experience unforgettable. Emotion, connection, and human experience are what we yearn for, and seeing another person experiencing those things elicits a powerful response.

It’s a subtle shift, but one that can significantly enhance engagement. Replacing that static image of a landmark with a dynamic photo of a person genuinely enjoying that space invites potential travellers to imagine themselves in that moment. It transports them from the realm of longing into the exhilarating realm of possibility.

The use of human-centred visuals in travel marketing is more than just a trend – it’s an evolution. It underscores the importance of experience and connection, and it reflects the ultimate objective of travel – not merely to see new places but to immerse oneself in them. The lesson today? Bring “people” to the forefront of travel marketing. Show potential travellers not only the places they could go, but the experiences they could have, the emotions they could feel, and the memories they could create. Because, after all, the most captivating stories aren’t just about places—they’re about people living their best lives in those places.

Teams Musings

Empathy: The winning edge for effective leadership

by Teresa Richardson

Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland's forests… and life! 4

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, empathy has become an absolute game-changer for leaders. It’s not just about sympathising with your team; it’s about forging deep connections that foster trust, collaboration, and incredible performance.

Tracy Brower’s Forbes article, “Empathy is the Most Important Leadership Skill”, empathy holds the key to being an effective leader.

Picture this: by truly understanding and connecting with your team on a profound level, you gain a strategic advantage that propels you towards success. When everyone feels valued and supported in your company culture, magic happens. It’s like creating a safety net that encourages open communication and boosts productivity to new heights.

But here’s the great part: empathy isn’t a one-size-fits-all skill. It’s adaptable to different leadership styles. Let’s break it down:

  • Dominance Style: If you’re an empathetic leader with this style, you know that your team’s opinions matter. You actively listen, encourage diverse viewpoints, and promote empowerment and collaboration. You’re all about letting those voices be heard.
  • Influencing Style: Now, leaders with this style harness empathy to create an upbeat and engaging work environment. You build personal connections, provide support, and inspire your team by truly understanding their motivations and celebrating their achievements. You’re the cheerleader they need.
  • Steadiness Style: Are you an empathetic leader who focuses on creating a harmonious and supportive workplace? You genuinely care about your team members’ well-being. You lend a listening ear and provide stability, fostering open communication and trust. Your team knows they can count on you.
  • Conscientiousness Style: If you’re a leader with this style, you appreciate the unique strengths and challenges of each team member. You take the time to understand their individual needs, offer clear guidance, and provide constructive feedback. You’re all about continuous improvement and creating a culture that encourages it.

Now, here’s the real deal: embracing empathy is a total game-changer. It transforms the way teams function and thrive. When empathy is in the air, you create an inclusive and compassionate work environment where everyone can shine. Trust me, it unlocks the full potential of individuals and teams like nothing else.

So, aspiring leaders, here’s your golden ticket: recognise empathy as your secret strategic advantage on the path to success. Start your empathy journey today and witness the remarkable impact it has on your leadership effectiveness. Want to know more? Visit

What the world was musing over

Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland's forests… and life! 5

Copy-paste fiasco in the Philippines

In a blooper of geographical proportions, a tourism agency faces backlash for rebranding foreign locales as the Philippines in their latest ad.

Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland's forests… and life! 6

Milkgate: Weetabix wades into frothy cereal debate

In an audacious move, Weetabix finally settles the infamous cereal-vs-milk sequence debate, stirring a breakfast bowl controversy.

Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland's forests… and life! 7

Threads vs Tweets: Zuckerberg’s Twitter rival rakes in 30m users on debut

With Meta’s Threads app amassing a staggering 30 million sign-ups on day one, the Twitter battleground heats up. Imitation or innovation? You decide.

Monday Musings 10 July: Canine Capers: Unleashing new tricks in Ireland's forests… and life! 8

Pompeii Pizzeria: Ancient ‘Pizza’ fresco unearthed amidst ruins

Giving ‘stone-baked’ a new meaning, archaeologists uncover a ‘pizza’ fresco in Pompeii, raising the crust on the origins of Italy’s favourite dish.