Monday Musings 1 July: Who’s Taylor Swift anyway?

While South Africa woke up to the news of a new cabinet after a Family Meeting last night, we’re shifting our focus to a different kind of unity today – one that spans continents, generations and musical tastes. 
Now, believe me, I’m no Swiftie. I can’t tell you the names of Taylor Swift’s cats or identify all her songs. But I would have been living under the proverbial rock if I’d failed to notice the MASSIVE Love Story between the world and T-Swift right now. Just look at your Instagram or TikTok search suggestions.  

Swift’s The Eras Tour, currently (and literally) sweeping across the world, is more than just a concert series. It’s a masterclass in spectacle, storytelling, and savvy business know-how. With 152 shows across five continents over nearly two years, this global phenomenon is rewriting the rules of more than just entertainment. 

The sheer scale is mind-boggling: 3.5-hour performances, 47 songs, outfits that spark countless articles, and a production value that blurs the line between concert and theatre.  

Then there’s the economic impact, dubbed ‘Swiftonomics’ – even sparking courses on the subject. The Harvard Gazette reported the tour is set to become the highest-grossing of all time at $1.4 billion. The “Swift effect” is so potent that Air New Zealand even added flights to cater to the “Swift surge” in demand – and she’s not even performing there.  
But beyond the glitz and guitar strums lies a treasure trove of lessons for us mere mortals. As the tour continues its European leg in Amsterdam this week, here are Seven things we content creators and marketers can learn from Swift and her tours: 

  1. Enchanted: Swift’s songwriting success boils down to one key aspect – storytelling. 
    The takeaway? Don’t forget the story to be told. That’s the power of good content and marketing.  
  2. Shake It Off: Swift’s tour celebrates her different ‘eras’ and the power of reinvention.  
    The takeaway? Adaptability is key. Embrace resilience. It’s ok to get down and then get up again.
  3. Blank Space: Swift’s ability to do something new with each album shows the power of embracing the unknown and starting fresh. 
    The takeaway? Starting with a blank space is ok – you’ll fill it in as you go. 
  4. I Can Do It With a Broken Heart: There’s value in the past.  
    The takeaway? Whether it’s learning from past mistakes or repurposing old ideas, we’d be silly to overlook our past experiences and the value they still hold. 
  5. You Need to Calm Down: Swift delivers 3.5-hour performances of 47 songs, demonstrating the power of being calm and focused.  
    The takeaway? Planning will never go out of style, and it helps you keep calm. 
  6. Anti-Hero: Swift’s openness about her struggles resonates with fans.  
    The takeaway? Authenticity and vulnerability can build stronger connections and foster a more supportive environment. 
  7. You Belong with Me: Swift showed her appreciation by handing out bonuses totalling over $55 million to her tour staff, including a $100 000 bonus to each of the 50 truck drivers.  
    The takeaway? Let’s stick together. We saw this during the time that shall not be named, when tourism and hospitality took a beating, and we didn’t know if there would be a way out. But we worked together and emerged stronger. Let’s not forget our friendship bracelets.  

Whether you’re a die-hard Swiftie or a rookie, there’s something to be learned from The Eras Tour phenomenon. So go on, chase your Wildest Dreams. A new month, a new Monday. There’s no better time to start.  

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