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Marketing Administrator



Main Role Objective

The Marketing Administrator provides administrative support to the client services team, freeing up the account director and coordinator to fulfil their highest value work. Typical tasks within the role include: saving content in DAM, reporting, creating newsletters, sending press releases and assisting with the execution of marketing and communication campaigns on behalf of clients in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector.


This Role Reports to:


Primary Responsibilities + Tasks

Assist the client services team to roll out client strategy with the aim of moving the client’s business goals forward:

  • Help the account coordinator and director with administrative tasks outlined in their customer workplans, e.g., saving content in a DAM., updating tracker, compiling reports, sending press releases, creating newsletters, etc.
  • Do follow-ups to ensure deadlines are met and loops are closed, flagging potential opportunities and obstacles as they arise.
  • Contribute ideas and initiatives when you have a perspective that will help move the client’s content and marketing goals forward.

Free up Account Coordinator and Director so they can focus on high-value tasks:

  • Consistently look for opportunities to show initiative in a way that adds value to the account director and coordinator – anticipating their needs and delivering more than expected.
  • Follow up on behalf of account director and coordinator and update Basic Ops tasks.
  • Check work received against sent briefs – proofing (looking for errors)
  • Help the account director and coordinator coordinate available resources in a smart and productive systematic approach to reduce wasted time and effort.
  • Ensure that all files and systems are updated.


Adhere to ‘The Rules’ – Big Ambitions policies, procedures, systems, administrative and communication protocols:

  • Consistently look for opportunities to enhance your personal growth.
  • Ensure that your BasicOps (project management tool similar to ASANA) is always up to date.
  • Ensure that your Kimai (time keeping tool) is always up to date and includes at least 6 billable hours per day.
  • Ensure that all client files are saved in SharePoint and filed logically.
  • Smart use of in-house resources vs outsourced resources.
  • Work with Account Administrator to ensure reporting is done to client-required format and on deadline.
  • Consistently look for ways to streamline workflows processes and systems so we are as productive as we can be.

Must-Have Experience With

  • Minimum two years’ previous experience in a marketing administrative role
  • Experience in content and a good understanding of marketing, comms terminology
  • Use of OneDrive, Sharepoint, MS Teams, Zoom
  • Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Strong written and verbal English communication

Ideally Has Experience With

  • Travel & Tourism sector knowledge a plus
  • Remote Work
  • BasicOps (similar to ASANA), Kimai and Airtable

In A Nutshell, You Are:

This is a fast-paced, fast-changing environment which requires you to have an agile mindset, be flexible, resourceful and have an innovative, independent approach to problem solving. You are a Doer – someone who does not wait to be asked. Rather, you look for gaps and opportunities and seek to fill them efficiently and quickly. You are honest, respectful and lead with empathy in your communications. Your organisational skills are top-notch, you’re able to follow through without being followed up on and show creativity in the face of challenges.

  • A growth mindset – you should always be looking for ways to self-improve
  • Exceptional attention to detail and thorough approach
  • Goal oriented and able to set priorities, while monitoring progress to deliver results
  • Like to come up with innovative ideas to solve challenges
  • Always looking for better ways – new methodologies, systems and processes that enhance the flow of work and content delivery
  • Sense of urgency and agility
  • Assertive and tenacity to deliver on time
  • Like a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills
  • Are a self-starter that likes to get stuck in without micro-management
  • Work best in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Likes starting and finishing things – getting stuff done
  • Cleverly connects the dots to streamline work – systems minded
  • A doer and fills time productively – not just ticking the box
  • Do not require supervision and are not overly sensitive
  • Someone who can cut through lots of detail, harness what’s important and act swiftly
  • Multitasking skills and the ability to juggle multiple projects and clients
  • Ability to manage external and internal resources

This Role is NOT For You If:

This role is not for you if you wait to be told what to do, are looking for a 9 to 5 job where you can check-out, outside of ‘normal’ working hours and want strong corporate structures and culture. Big Ambitions has an entrepreneurial and growth mindset, and you will be required to fly the plane and fix it midair, so if you need a great deal of guidance to get going and lots of support and encouragement, this is not the right role for you.

  • Struggle with self-motivation
  • A tendency to be over-sensitive
  • Time management challenges
  • Love set structure, predictability and hate change
  • Work best in a corporate environment or large agency environment
  • Have poor Internet and Phone access
  • Panic or are overwhelmed easily
  • Take things personally
  • Are indecisive and need constant direction
  • Need lots of emotional support and approval
  • Require strong supervision and management

How You’ll Be Evaluated In This Role (KPIs):


Assist in rolling out customer strategy:

  • Your account coordinator and director feel there is no need to double-check that you have completed the task and done so accurately.
  • You consistently execute tasks within the desired timeline / deadline.
  • Your account coordinator and director say that you are engaged and interested, offering suggestions on improvements and initiatives to help move the client’s goals forward.


Free up Account Coordinator and Director so they can focus on high-value tasks

  • Your account director and coordinator say they cannot do their job without you and you are saving them time to focus on other things.
  • Your attention to detail means you have picked up errors and helped fix these before your account director and coordinator have had to step in.
  • You provide the account director and coordinator with feedback on what can be improved upon for next month in terms of workflow and productivity.
  • You are a champion of files and systems and everything is up to date, organised and logically structured.


Adhere to policies, procedures, systems, administrative and communication protocols:

  • Project management and time-keeping software is updated daily.
  • Files are easily found on SharePoint by the entire team – no wasted effort.
  • Client reports are issued on time.
  • You consistently evaluate whether you are delivering on your highest-value work and find ways to make time for this.
  • You are results-oriented in terms of individual and team performance – you consistently find ways to move the team forward and enhance your personal contribution.
  • If a workflow has identified friction, you look for ways to streamline it for the benefit of the team and client.
  1. 3 Month Trial Review
    • Weekly review in the first month, with monthly reviews thereafter to assess success in role and set-up areas of development in subsequent months.
    • You will have to illustrate that you can be trusted to do the job adequately without needing to be followed up with.
  1. For your review, you will be asked to score yourself against your role profile and company values, which will be counter-scored by 2 staff members who work with you.

About Big Ambitions

Our core competencies lie in the areas of tourism communications and marketing strategy and roll-out, content creation, community building and market research for organisations such as destination marketing organisations, tourism associations, travel technology firms, tourism consultants and tourism and travel product.

The Big Ambitions Marketing team comes from a tourism and travel background which ensures a firm understanding of the challenges for and requirements of tourism organisations and companies – providing the foundation for meaningful and targeted B2C and B2B communication and marketing strategies in all areas of tourism, from industry lobbying, crisis communication and destination promotion to communicating and translating animal interaction guidelines, health and hygiene safety protocols and government regulations.

We are skilled at connecting our travel and tourism customers with their customers through a range of platforms – social media, video, website, PR, webinars and virtual meetings, events and trade liaison. Lastly, we have provided market research and strategy creation services to tourism consultants, particularly on projects in Africa.

Our role is to build empowered, influential and collaborative communities in the tourism, travel and hospitality space.

Mission Statement

To become Africa’s leading PR, Comms and Marketing provider offering smart, purposeful solutions that elevate the industry we serve.


Core Values

Thought Leadership

Big Ambitions’ staff have worked in travel and tourism and are experts in their field. They are always levelling up to stay ahead.


The Big Ambitions team has heart and is not afraid to show it. We love our team. We love our customers. We love our industry.


We are invested in our personal growth through continual levelling up and the growth of our customers through meaningful and focused solutions.


We go beyond the tick-the-box anything, are specific and intentional in all our activities and output so that everything we touch delivers on our vision and mission, and the business and marketing goals of our customers.

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