Trafalgar Global

What we did

Global guided holiday leader, Trafalgar, required copywriting assistance to re-write the itineraries for their trips across all seven continents. Big Ambitions was commissioned to re-write every itinerary over a period of two years. From Asia to Hawaii, Alaska to Australia, the project required Big Ambitions to craft itineraries that told stories, but also captured the product, destinations and Trafalgar highlights in Trafalgar’s specific Tone of Voice.

Services activated

PR, Content creation

What happened

Trafalgar’s web and brochure content for itineraries all seven continents has been completed and can be viewed online or at a Travel Agency near you, no matter where you find yourself in the world.

How we did it

Big Ambitions began with re-writing the introductions to all itineraries as well as special tours for families and small groups. The next step saw Big Ambitions re-write over 100 itineraries for the Europe and Britain brochure, followed by rewrites for North America, South America, Antarctic, Asia, Australia and other specialist brochures like Autumn, Winter and Spring, and Faith. A member of the Big Ambitions team spent two months in London with the Trafalgar product team to achieve the engaging content required.

But, don’t take our word for it…

“Since 2015, Big Ambitions has been involved in a comprehensive copywriting project for global guided holiday experts, Trafalgar. They successfully rewritten all our brochure itinerary content for both the Internet and print, capturing Trafalgar’s Brand DNA and our Tone of Voice, while providing a captivating description of the destinations, experiences and people that set Trafalgar’s itineraries apart from others in the global travel and tourism sector. Over this time, we have found Big Ambitions to be exceedingly flexible and adaptable. As a dynamic brand, we often require last-minute changes and copywriting on very tight deadlines. Big Ambitions not only delivers quality content on time, every time, they exceed expectations by being available constantly. The fact that they have a deep understanding of how travel and tourism works and their steadfast willingness to deliver more than expected leads me to recommend them highly for any copywriting and content generation projects in travel.”

Karen Edney, Trafalgar Brochure Launch Scheduling & CMS Manager