Turning Facebook fans in to sales

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Stop chasing Facebook likes and chase sales with these easy Facebook lead generation tips…

So you’ve got a thousand Facebook likes. It’s taken you hours of what little time you have at your disposal and you’re now so uninspired you’re resorting to such posts as ~ ‘Like if you’ve been to Guatemala’. What’s the fuss about Facebook? You’ve had lots of fans sharing your information, but not one enquiry from all those hours of effort!

The secret is content. Facebook is not the miracle cure-all marketing solution you’ve been looking for. It’s only as effective as the information you share on it and its success in driving traffic to your website or sales landing page.

1. Ditch the sales pitch
Give your fans an opportunity to interact with your brand. Which updates get the most response? Do you encourage them to post their own comments on your wall? Share their photos of their latest holiday with you? Get them to share their content with you.

2. Take action
Move your fans to action by ‘talking’ about your posts, and even better linking to an outside website, a Facebook app, email subscription or sales landing page. Don’t post the full story, post just a snippet, and direct them to another landing page aimed at sales.

3. Facebook Fan Deals
Create exclusive Facebook offers for your fans. Whether it’s a discount or a value-add, your call to action updates should be short and concise.

4. Insider Info
Give your fans an insider’s view into what makes your company tick by encouraging your employees to write posts about what happens behind the scenes. Not only is this interesting content, but it also helps foster trust in what you have to offer by baring it all.

5. Story Time
Don’t just talk about your product, tell a story and incorporate your service or product within it. A story that solves a problem they may have. A good, and often cited example was BlendTec’s ‘Will it Blend’ (www.youtube.com/user/Blendtec‎ ) series where the company created fun videos showcasing its product’s performance. Their customers simply suggest new things to blend providing BlendTec with an opportunity to show off what it’s product can do and leverage their customers’ interest to make these blending feats viral.

6. Raving Fans
Use and encourage customer testimonials on your Facebook page. Your fans are way more interested in what their friends and family have to say about what you do, so use them to spread your story.

7. Solve their problem
Much of sales revolves around solving your customer’s problems. Introduce a specific time of the week where fans can post a question and get an immediate response, e.g. Is the Kruger National Park a malaria area? Do I need a visa to visit Thailand? Once again this positions you as a trusted expert with whom they can entrust their travel plans.

This doesn’t mean by not following the above advice you don’t benefit from the many likes, shares and comments you get on your page. The more engagement you have on your page, the more fans and friends of fans will see your company featured.

So whether you blend it, answer it or Q&A your way through Facebook, make sure you’re posting daily, tagging companies or individuals in your posts and asking your fans to comment or share.