Tuesday Tinkerings: We’ve come a long way

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines “tinker” as an “attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.” Sounds about right doesn’t it? Aren’t we tinkering about in 2021, trying to repair life that unravelled spectacularly in 2020?  

Perhaps you’re hankering after a simpler time. An existence when social distancing, Zoom calls, masks and sanitiser were the unusual, rather than the norm. 

If you fancy travelling back in time, to the future our previous generations imagined, then you’ll enjoy these 30 predictions from a “retro future.” You’ll be pleased to know that in some respects, we exceeded expectation (we’re looking at you 1984 ‘smart watch’ and GPS navigation system) while others such as video calling and even a jazzed-up version of online food delivery are uncannily on point, especially in 2021. Others? Well, let’s just say we’re not quite there yet.  

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Quirky blast from the past aside, we hope you took the time yesterday to celebrate how far we have come as a nation. Sunday marked the anniversary of the events of Sharpeville in 1960. Human Rights Day is a time to remember our county’s fallen heroes and the sacrifices of so many that finally paved the way for our freedom and democracy.  

In other local news, 500,000 healthcare workers are expected to be vaccinated by the end of April – a third of the 1.5 million target set by the government. With experts warning us that the third COVID-19 wave will soon become a reality, there is growing concern over South Africa’s vaccine programme. 

Elsewhere in the world, Australia is planning on setting up a travel bubble with Singapore using a digital vaccine passport to allow ease of travelling between the two countries.  

If all the changes are leaving you feeling a bit bewildered, spare a thought for this walrus who took a casual nap on an ice floe in the Arctic Circle and woke up, at least a thousand miles away, in Ireland. 

While we’re not enjoying balloon-supported lake walking tours or doing some laps in the airplane swimming pool just yet, let’s not forget how far we have come. From travel bubbles to vaccine passports, we are tinkering away – chipping away bit by bit and making progress. Keep looking up and ahead! 

Mindful Musings 

Here’s this week’s top quote to keep you taking one step forward… 

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 1

Marketing Musings 

This week, our Marketing Musings took us to the UK, where beer loving front-end developer Alex at AirTimeRewards created a truly useful roadmap to freedom – a fun way to track the roadmap out of lockdown – counting down the days to when you’ll be able to enjoy a beer in the park with one friend, to beer everywhere.  

The design – one way road to beer – is incredibly simply, colourful and delivers on what it promises – an easy-to-understand user experience that sparks a moment of joy and hope. 

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 2

Simplicity is, for the most part, the solution to many a problem. And it can be the hardest thing to achieve. Just like getting the basics right.  

Here are 4 ways to achieve simplicity in your designs – be it for a lockdown countdown website to your new marketing campaign or website blurb: 

  • Maintain clarity: understand and design for your users’ main goals 
  • Make use of automation 
  • Limit options (remember decision fatigue?) 
  • Make your users see how your product can help them achieve their goals 

Another aspect we often forget when wearing our marketing hats? We’re humans and our customers are humans. Tease out the human truth. In this case, people are desperate to see their mates again, hanging out in the park with a beer.  

If you want to put a fancy name on it, it’s human-centred design.  

What the world was musing over this past week 

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 3

You’re doing WFH all wrong! 

One year later, an army of remote workers are still making rookie WFH mistakes that lead to burnout, says remote worker and writer Will Leitch. 

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 4

Is Port St Johns getting a makeover? 

Is Port St Johns going to become the next major coastal city? Apparently, the government is seeing much potential in the sleepy Wild Coast town of 8,000 people. 

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 5

Quirky lockdown rules around the world 

Thought a ban on alcohol and smoking was odd? Countries around the world have some unusual rules to combat the coronavirus, from “no talking” to men and women being allowed outside only on alternating days. 

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 6

Coco Pops or Froot Loops?   

If you really want to know how much sugar is packed into some of South Africa’s favourite cereals, give this article a read. You may want to put down the bowl of Coco Pops first! 

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 7

Women leading on the frontline 

Read what a day in the life of a female anti-poacher is like, ensuring the conservation of our protected species for future generations. 

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 8

Thank you, tourism guides! 
Watch this heart-warming video shared by Great Plains, showing its gratitude to the tour guides and rangers in Kenya – the heartbeat of the tourism industry.  

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 9

Smile and be happy 

Finland has been ranked the world’s happiest country with Nordic nations dominating the global list of the world’s happiest countries. South Africa is number 76 on the list with Zimbabwe the last in the global rankings at number 95.