Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky?

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I’m a rat of the sky. And proud to be!  

Let me give you some background. A few years ago, the Big Ambitions team went on a teambuilding weekend during which Teresa Richardson from TMReworked helped us discover our DISC personalities.

In a nutshell, there are 4 personality types:  

  • Eagle: Competitive and enjoys conquering new opportunities. Just like the raptors in the wild, Eagles aren’t shy. They communicate directly, straightforward, and geared towards their prey. I mean goals. 

  • Peacock: They are always bursting with vitality and like being the centre of attention. They love interacting with people. Often misunderstood, Peacocks are seen as “not as hard-working” as other birds. They make hard work look fun, that’s all! 

  • Owl: Very detail-oriented and organised. While the feathered owls ask, “Who?”, the human Owls ask “Why?”, “What if?”, and “How?” 

  • Dove: Doves are the friendly and loyal people in the mix. They like to be a part of a group and always focus on team success rather than individual stardom. They are good listeners and like to create an environment without conflict. 

I’m a dove – or as our brilliant game ranger at Mabula Lodge called these friendly birds during our latest team build last week, a rat of the sky. Since I don’t like conflict, I decided not to fight him on this one and just embraced my inner ‘rat of the sky’.  

(In his defence, he had never heard of DISC personality types, but it did give us a good laugh.) 

The Big Ambitions team has a healthy mix of personality types. We come in all shapes and sizes, with different styles and flair that we bring to the workplace. And although some of our doves – aka rats of the sky – aspire to be eagles, the truth is each one of these personality types makes for great leaders.

When our team was asked to make a bush breakfast as part of a teambuilding challenge, the owls naturally flocked together. The doves and peacocks made up the other team, while the eagle – we only have one – happily took her seat with the judges waiting for breakfast to be served.  

The owls were highly organised, almost military in their approach. The peacock/dove team opted for creative chaos. But guess what? Both teams produced delicious breakfasts – and the peacock amongst us will be happy to share that the creative chaos team took home the prize.  

The trick is to know what works for you and your team. Don’t be afraid to rattle the box. Is working 5 hours a day a good option for your creative team? Go for it! Research shows us that  81% of people spend less than three hours a day on creative work anyway. 

And if you have found a solution that you think will resonate with others, don’t be afraid to share it with the world – no matter how left-field it seems. Just look at FlySafair and their valiant attempt to all give us more free time. Holding thumbs guys! 

Whatever you are trying to achieve, and no matter whether you are working with colleagues or assisting travelling clients, knowing their personality style will help you a great deal. Does your client need a lot of information? Do they need to be comforted that the trip will be smooth sailing? Or do they just need you to give them the most efficient itinerary?  

If you’re able to figure out what drives people — a.k.a. their passion — you can potentially bring out their – and your – best.  

Mindful Musings 

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 1

Marketing Musings 

After a year – scrap that – two years of massive change, the world is fed up with change for the sake of change. And that’s exactly what Mark Zuckerberg seems to attempt with the Facebook rebrand to Meta. 

As New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose wrote, “If it works, Mr. Zuckerberg’s metaverse would usher in a new era of dominance — one that would extend Facebook’s influence to entirely new types of culture, communication and commerce. And if it doesn’t, it will be remembered as a desperate, costly attempt to give a futuristic face-lift to a geriatric social network while steering attention away from pressing societal problems.” 

The comments on Meta from the general public don’t disappoint:  

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 2

Highlighting the lack of creativity in this rebranding was this tweet.  

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 3

An alternate theory about why the company picked ‘Meta’ for its new name came from this Twitter user.  

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 4

If you’re looking to move away from the ‘geriatric’ social media channels, Tik Tok could just be the answer.  

Be warned however that TikTok travel marketing can be “unpredictable.” 

The unpredictability partly comes from the TikTok algorithm, which favours “long-tail content.” As Skift points out travel marketers that try to just repurpose content that was already popular on Instagram or other platforms on TikTok may be disappointed because TikTok works differently. Tourism New Zealand seems to have quite cleverly used the platform by partnering up with gaming companies.  

South Africa also features in the top trending destinations on TikTok according to new research. So, there is no time to waste for our local companies… 

What the world was musing over this past week 

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 5

Vax is voted word of the year 

Pro-vax. Anti-vax. Have you had your vax yet? The team at Oxford has decided that vax is the word of the year for 2021 after it “injected itself into the bloodstream of the English language”. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.  

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 6

Eating, yes. Reading, no. 

Eating and drinking will soon be allowed again on airlines in South Africa. But reading magazines is where airlines draw the line…  

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 7

It’s a snooze fest 

Travel-starved, sleep-deprived residents might find a new Hong Kong bus tour to be a snooze. At $51 per person, this five-hour bus ride was created to allow travellers to catch some z’s.

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 8

The world’s most scenic airport landings 

The experience of landing in a new airport is altogether weird and full of excitement. Some airports deliver a truly extraordinary scenic experience. 

Tuesday Tinkering: Are you an eagle or a rat of the sky? 9

WTM is back in business 

Travel industry professionals worldwide joined the World Travel Market on 1 November after almost a two-year break. Follow the happenings – and if you have FOMO, sign up for WTM Africa for April next year.