Tuesday Take-Away 22 March:  What a start to the season! 

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It was all squealing tyres, flames on lap 46 and a tearjerking celebration of perseverance at the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix on the weekend. Yip, Formula 1 season has started. The first race delivered all the action, surprise and shock we’ve come to expect by now. If 2022 is trying to one-up 2021 in terms of outright crazy, you’re doing very well 2022. 

When the chequered flag waved this weekend, Team Ferrari celebrated a tearful and joyous victory after trying to secure a win for nearly 50 races! Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz secured first and second place for Ferrari with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell for Mercedes sliding in at third and fourth place.  

We’re sure that the sparkling wine showers (did you know it’s not champagne anymore?) have never been more welcome for Team Ferrari.  

Back in the ‘real’ world, it feels as if the safety car has been on track all of the last few weeks (months?). In the midst of war and crisis comms, yesterday’s public holiday seemed like a whole week off. So, if you’re back at work trying to remember exactly what it is that you do again (just me?), that’s ok. I think we all needed the pit stop yesterday – a chance to fuel up. 

Not only did we celebrate Human Rights Day yesterday, but it was also the first day of autumn. While we have to usually wait quite a bit longer for the leaves to turn crispy and golden here in the Mother City, there is certainly a fresh crispness in the early morning air. Perhaps the change in season is just what we need to find the extra (millions of) rands to fill up our tanks.  

It feels as if we’ve all been racing at top speed for months now, yet we’re only three months into the year. 

Tuesday Take-Away 22 March:  What a start to the season!  1

Turns out that there’s much we can perceive from Formula One Racing and those nifty flags or signal lights. Here’s what each one means and some insight into how we can incorporate these into our daily lives to not only finish the race, but win it!

Green flag equals go 
When you’ve got the energy, accelerate. But have a strategy and an end goal in mind. Don’t waste your precious energy and fuel.  

Safety car is on track 
Activate crisis comms mode. Assemble your war room – here’s what should go on behind the scenes when all hell breaks loose. Drive cautiously and wait for the track to be cleared. 

Yellow and red striped flag: slippery track ahead 
Here are nine, scientist-approved ways to stay calm in a crisis.  

White flag: Slow moving vehicle ahead
We don’t all drive at the same pace. We’re all people. If you’re wondering why your marketing campaign isn’t landing with the Gen Z-ers where you want it to, here’s why. Talk to people as if they are people, not brands.  

Chequered flag 
Every win is a win. Here’s how to celebrate small wins to achieve big goals.  

Let’s brake when necessary, never underestimate the value of a pit stop and most importantly, keep on driving. Enjoy the ride, folks.  

Mindful Musings

Tuesday Take-Away 22 March:  What a start to the season!  2

Marketing Musings 

One thing we know from Formula 1 racing for sure – if you don’t get in the car, you can’t win.  

Speaking of driving to survive, Netflix’s Drive to Survive is considered the biggest – and most successful – content campaign in history. Sure the actual F1 racers may be speaking out in protest, but the show has proven a masterpiece on delivering on a key content marketing principle – the audience wants to be spellbound.  

“The producers understood a fundamental truth of American binge watchers: drama is our love language” – source.  

In short, the show turned every American into a F1 fan – talking the boring you to sleep, all they do is drive around in circles idea of F1 racing and turning into an epic of big egos, power struggles and stunning betrayals. 

Tuesday Take-Away 22 March:  What a start to the season!  3

The key take-away? We all want to be entertained. We want a story – whether you’re ‘selling’ racing or rewards cards. 

Down under, Australia is trying to do just that by splashing an eyewatering $60 million on a new tourism campaign to try to woo big-spending international visitors back to Aussie tourist hotspots. 

Prime Minister Scott hopes the campaign will help tourists “burst out of the blocks”. 

“We need to convert that incredible love that visitors all around the world have for this country and particularly here in Tropical North Queensland,” he said in Cairns today.

The key take-away? Know what you excel at. Know what your customers want and need and love. Deliver just that.

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Tuesday Take-Away 22 March:  What a start to the season!  4

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