#TravelTuesday 11 August: Remember #TravelTuesday?

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Welcome back to a four day week kickstarting this #TravelTuesday. If the familiar hashtag makes you a little sad, don’t let it. There are silver linings popping up on those clouds as humanity gets more creative and ingenious in adapting to our new daily realities.  

First and foremost, Happy Women’s Month to all the fierce and fearless women in travel and tourism. We salute your courage and optimism.

Sparks of light around the pandemic 

Researchers once again have come out to say that your chances of catching COVID-19 on a flight are slim. Arnold Barnett, a professor of management science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has quantified these odds. His research (not yet peer-reviewed) shows that on a 2-hour flight, with every seat filled, you have a 1 in 4300 chance of catching the virus. If the middle seat is left open, that number doubles. 

Researchers, scientists and every pharmaceutical company across the globe are racing to find a vaccine for the virus. Here’s what the timelines look like and what impact a vaccine would have, not only on the pandemic, but on society. In summary, we’re looking at vaccines becoming available somewhere between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. 

COVID-19 has, of course, influenced what we’re going to be tagging on our #TravelTuesday posts in the foreseeable future. With slower, off the beaten path, smaller group and exclusive experiences high on the post-COVID travel agenda, will we see a resurgence of the bygone romance of train travel? South Africa’s luxurious Blue Train is on track for post lockdown travel, after having unveiled extensive health and safety protocols onboard and throughout passengers’ journeys.  

Now that we can beat the cabin fever and embark on intra-provincial journeys, here are some tips on how to take a self-contained wilderness trip: The ultimate guide to remote travel from our northern hemisphere neighbours.  

#TravelTuesday 11 August: Remember #TravelTuesday? 1

We’ve seen Emirates offer free COVID-19 insurance and now destinations are hopping on the bandwagon. Portugal is promoting COVID-19 travel insurance in a bid to attract travellers, and the Canary Islands government has pledged to cover the costs if UK residents catch coronavirus on holiday. 

In the world of communication 

Don’t forget the power of your employees. One of your company’s greatest marketing assets is sitting right under your nose – well across from the “virtual” table of course.  

Engaging your employees to turn them into brand advocates is the new content marketing strategy.  

Here are 3 quick takeaways from the Marketing Insider Group article: 

  • Employees can be the source of high-quality content that is also the most effective in connecting with your audience. 
  • Some employees can double up as “influencers” for your brand if you groom them right. 
  • Encourage employees to create content to voice their opinions as well as engage customers. 

Struggling to hone in on what’s really important, getting caught up in the fluff of everyday or that neverending to-do list? In ten words or less, what’s your ultimate goal? Angela Duckworth, professor of psychology and co-founder and CEO of Character Lab, unpacks the secret to focus in work and life in this one and a half minute video. Draw up a pyramid of goals to figure out your ultimate concern – the holy grail, your ultimate goal. Ask yourself: What am I all about? Every small decision you make must add up to furthering that goal.  

#TravelTuesday 11 August: Remember #TravelTuesday? 2

Get #InTheKnow this Thursday and join Africa Travel Week’s bite-sized In the Know webinar. This week invites women in tourism to pull up a virtual chair with Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo, Chief Operating Officer at the City Lodge Hotel Group and board member of South African Tourism and troubleshoot practical solutions to what’s keeping women up at night.  

Here are 10 DMO communications tips for 2020 on how to communicate and boost your destination in times of crisis marketing. 

And in the words of the short and sharp Seth Godin, sell results, not your time.  

#TravelTuesday destination news from around the globe 

Here’s which countries in Africa are reopening for tourism.  

Scheduled to open in September 2020, Kisawa Sanctuary on Benguerra Island in Mozambique will be the world’s first 3D-printed eco resort. Responsible travel gets, well, even more responsible, at the ultra-luxe 12-room resort on Benguerra Island. Elements of the resort have been 3D printed using patented sand-printing technology, providing an “organic,” tactile finish to the building exteriors as well as flooring, tiling and masonry. 

#TravelTuesday 11 August: Remember #TravelTuesday? 3

Further north, a wee Scottish isle is advertising for new residents. The Isle of Rum (yes, really) in the archipelago of the Inner Hebrides boasts a current population of just 30 to 40 residents. The island is looking for new neighbours, preferably self-employed and keen to volunteer and help the island, be it in organising events or construction (skilled construction workers are in high demand). 

Medieval ‘wine windows’ are reopening, reviving Italian plague tradition. When the bubonic plague devasted Europe, enterprising Florentine residents safely served drinks, through the pint-sized windows, called buchette del vino. Today, the windows are perfect for restaurants and cafe owners to again serve up socially distanced coffee, ice cream or something a tad stronger.  

#TravelTuesday 11 August: Remember #TravelTuesday? 4

Here at home, if you’re in need of a post-long weekend pick-me-up, these Cape clawless otters frolicking on the beach in Plett will make you smile. And watch over 5000 people singing, from 66 countries, in a 3 part harmony, to lift spirits.  

Looking forward with positivity, let’s remember what we love about our industry. Happy #TravelTuesday, all. 

Stay safe & strong,

The Big Ambitions team