Monday Musings: What’s your one domino?

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If 2021 got off to a rather skittish start (be quiet, be good, don’t touch anything), and you needed last week to (tentatively) ring in the new year all over again, we’re hoping the reboot was successful.

After all, we all need a nudge from time to time.

If you’ve already defined your BHAG (your company’s most important long-term decision) your Southern Cross or vivid vision for the year, well done. If not, there’s still time.

What you’ll need to keep your eye on the prize are a few productivity tips and tricks. Maybe you’ve got the work-from-home thing waxed now, maybe not. But there ain’t no growth in a comfort zone. Start small with these big productivity tips and tricks (some of which we pulled from productivity guru Vanessa Van Edwards here).

• If you don’t have a plan, you’ll become part of someone else’s plan

• Get one proper to-do list and put fewer, but important, tasks on there

• Prioritise

Eat the frog – do the thing you’re dreading most first thing in the day

Use your rhythms (morning bird or night owl) to be more productive

• Race the clock (Parkinson’s Law explains that the work expands to fill the time you have)

• Batch tasks

• Make a Wins List

• Background noise – the right kind (coffee shop music or any other productivity playlist) can help keep you focused and perhaps dim the whining kids

If you think these are fab and want to rush off and implement them all, don’t. Pick one. Yes, just one. The key to focus is having one thing. Start with just one – when you have that down pat, then you can implement another and so on.

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 1

This one thing is your ‘domino’ – it’s the perfect habit you can acquire. It’s the one task that if you complete, will set you up for success tackling the rest of that long to-do list.

Here’s how you can create a chain reaction of good habits in all spheres of your life.

Make a daily, weekly and monthly domino task. And remember it’s the one thing that sets you up for success. It could be organising your desk so that you feel less overwhelmed and can work with a clean environment and mindset or it could be having a brainstorm with the team so you can start on that strategy you’ve been putting off.

“Lack of time is actually lack of priorities.” – Tim Ferriss

Pay it forward and share something you learnt from our Monday Musings with your team. If you don’t have one already, set up a channel for this on Teams or Slack – where you can pose questions for your team. 

What’s your domino? Stick it on a post-it above your laptop, scribble it in your diary or make it your desktop background – whatever you need to do to focus on that one thing today, this week and this month, do it.

Mindful Musings

Here’s this week’s top quote to put in your pocket for the new year…

“Instead of asking how many tasks you can tackle given your working hours, ask how many you can ditch given what you must do to excel.”

Source: Morten Hansen in Great at Work

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 2

Marketing Musings

With a new year comes new ideas. We’ve decided to add a weekly Marketing Musings story with practical examples of the good, bad and ugly from the world of marketing and communications.

In the world of marketing, a nudge is simply something that entices us to take an action.

“A Nudge is any small feature in the environment that attracts our attention and alters our behaviour.” – Richard Thaler

Nudges prompt users to act in one of 3 ways: default, opt-in, or prompted choice – and can be used for good or evil.

Unpacked in this article about using nudges in daily life, a good use of a nudge would be Woolworths putting only healthy treats in their ‘walk of temptation’ checkout aisle while a very recent bad nudge example is our now unfriended friend, WhatsApp.  

The whole world was aflutter last week when 25 million WhatsApp users jumped ship to Telegram, enraged by a default (automatic enrolment) nudge from the Facebook-owned WhatsApp – their freedom of choice being removed for actually getting to choose what personal data users want to share. 

This weekend, WhatsApp hastily backtracked after the fire of user backlash resulted in a massive loss of market share and announced an indefinite delay in the proposed mandatory new terms.

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 3

What the world was musing over this past week

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 4

Get your high somewhere else

The 58% of foreign tourists who visit Amsterdam primarily to pop into one of its cannabis coffee shops could soon be forced to look elsewhere for their fix. The city’s mayor has put forward a proposal to only allow Amsterdam residents into the coffee shops from 2022.

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 5

Travel with confidence

Traveller confidence is our key challenge according to South African Industry Heads – with plenty of opportunity for agents to prove their worth.

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 6

Listen up and level up

From the state of luxury travel to stimulating diversity and inclusion in the travel industry, grab a coffee and listen to the latest episodes of the tourism entrepreneur podcast.

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 7

Missing cruising?

Former cruise ship entertainment host and tongue-in-cheek travel blogger, Sharon, shares how the cruising obsessed can cope with the cruise industry suspension – by recreating the experience at home for the ultimate staycation.

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 8

Spread the sunshine

A guerrilla gardener scattered hundreds of sunflower seeds on the R24 towards the OR Tambo Airport, with a cheery line up of sunflowers now brightening the kerbside appeal.