Monday Musings: Travel FOMO – The real deal

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Local travel enthusiasts might be suffering a severe case of travel FOMO, as Yanks start to look forward to their summer hols (and plenty of Sangria) on the Spanish Costas. Europe has announced the opening of its borders to vaccinated holiday-makers, and this fear of missing out feels worse due to our slow vaccine rollout.

So, while the rest of the vaccinated world frantically rummages through drawers for long-lost bikinis and sun cream, we need to distract ourselves with matters such as Minister of Tourism Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane’s questionable cook-off with Somizi Mhlongo, which has caused an uproar!

We can’t even ‘enjoy’ a daily commute anymore as most of us continue to work from home. Forget lazy naps after spending a morning at the beach or in the mountains on holiday, digital fatigue is our reality.

With little to no human interaction throughout the day, virtual meeting trends continue to evolve and grow – and incorporate that much-needed connection we are now lacking. Lonely, at-home work environments are transformed into modern virtual office spaces with all the bells and whistles. Can virtual meeting spaces save us all from Zoom fatigue?

It would appear that travel FOMO is not just affecting those longing for a dash of tropical air, but it also affects businessmen who have lost their regular escapes over the borders. New research by SAP Concur shows that four in five business travellers are concerned that unless they increase their business travel this year, their personal (80 per cent) and professional lives (80 per cent) will suffer! Perhaps they can put zoom behind them for a bit and help revitalise business travel in the next 12 months.  

The least we can do is continue to dream and make the most of our beautiful country by considering all the bucket list options we have on our doorstep. The dudes at Dude Perfect, the multi-million-dollar YouTube sensation, showed South Africa a lot of love last week with their Bucket List visit to South Africa. The video, which received over 4 million views in the first 20 hours alone (and is still trending at #5 on YouTube) is an incredible celebration of South Africa. If you’re feeling any form of travel FOMO, pour yourself a cuppa, watch and enjoy. Not only is it the best example of armchair travel out there – but it’ll give you tremendous hope for the future.

Alternatively, kill the FOMO with an international cocktail that will take the edge off our winter chill and get you dreaming of sunnier times and international holidays ahead!

Mindful Musings

Monday Musings: Travel FOMO - The real deal 1

Marketing Musings

As the popularity of the Dude Perfect ‘Bucket List’ production demonstrated, travellers are beginning to plan more meaningful and adventurous escapes. Many consider much more carefully where they are going and what they will be doing.

Now more than ever, we need to focus on attracting the right visitors and the right destinations.

William Bakker has coined the term ‘passionography‘, or “the study of people who share an interest in a particular pursuit, experience, lifestyle or activity”. According to Bakker, Passionography helps you narrow the focus and talk confidently with the market segments you want to attract.” 

Monday Musings: Travel FOMO - The real deal 2

So, let’s strengthen our marketing plans to target niche markets – wrap our heads around the idea of ‘passionography’ and help our businesses grow in new directions. Businesses will no longer get away with marketing to broader target markets, but need to really consider what their niche is.

What the world was musing over this past week

Monday Musings: Travel FOMO - The real deal 3

Follow the leader

It is imperative that South Africa plays catch up with the rest of the world regarding vaccinations.

Monday Musings: Travel FOMO - The real deal 4

Passport to the world

South Africa looking at plans to adopt the idea of a COVID-19 Travel pass, hopefully this is positive news for the travel industry!

Monday Musings: Travel FOMO - The real deal 5

Up and away

Africa is beefing up its airline game and opening a new airline, Skylink.

Monday Musings: Travel FOMO - The real deal 6

Stuck in a Zoom call?

Traditional ways of getting out of a conversation have changed with Zoom calls being a little harder to walk away from.

Monday Musings: Travel FOMO - The real deal 7

Artificial intelligence, not so intelligent

Take a moment in your modern-day at some of the funniest mistakes made by Artificial Intelligence.

Monday Musings: Travel FOMO - The real deal 8

The forgotten Generation X!

There are some major differences between Generation Y and Generation Z – but what about the older generation X – it seems they have been forgotten!