Monday Musings 31 January: Long-term memories loading… 

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It is officially day nine-thousand-and-seven of January, and what a relief that it is finally over, and we can now look forward to the shortest month of the year. I’m sure many have set their New Year’s resolutions and are hopefully doing better than others who already regret the gym contract they took out in week one.  

As we look ahead at 2022, set our personal and work goals, and try to make sense of the ever-changing trends of the industry, we can focus on what we do best. Creating memories, building dreams, and doing what we love.  

It was widely predicted that wide-open spaces and the search for lesser-crowded destinations would be a strong trend in 2022. Although this is one of the reasons many travellers are still heading off the well- trodden path, reconnecting with nature and people far exceeds the will to isolate from others.  

Being part of an industry that is built on relationships and connections, we can really understand this and – even better – are able to deliver and far exceed expectations.  


Well, because Africa offers something unique. It’s a multi-sense destination and that means more than you might think.  

If it’s the sand under our feet, the sound of buffalo hooves thundering past, the smell of the veld, or the magnificent cuisine we offer, travellers can look forward to a heightened sensory experience when travelling to the continent.  

Rich sensory experiences, such as encountering darkness, play a significant role in long-term memory, encouraging desirable behaviour and loyalty towards a destination, according to a report by the University of Algarve, Portugal.  

We are the motor behind those long-term memories, we are changing lives simply by offering what we have at our fingertips – experiences that naturally sink into the memory forever. Michael Pusker confirms that scientifically, sensory is the first type of memory used by the brain to form new short-term and long-term memories.  

Monday Musings 31 January: Long-term memories loading…  1

Have you ever found that a certain smell takes you right back to childhood or a very specific memory? This is because through your sensory memory your brain has banked those memories and decided they are worth storing. 

According to ScienceDirect, our senses also play a role in our preference of destination in what they call place attachment. “Place attachment may be a relevant outcome of experiences, connected to positive emotions felt” during those experiences and boy oh boy does Africa have an overwhelming offer when it comes to heightened sensory and emotional experiences!   

Those repeat guests you see every year… they are connecting on a sensory level that is influencing their sensory intake and ultimately creating a connection with the place as well as memories for life. 


When we start looking at reconnection, we need to look to our industry neighbours and find ways to work together to offer the best in connecting senses. 

Where one may offer a wonderfully rounded taste and sight experience, another may offer a heightened touch and smell experience. If we get creative and work together, we can offer something truly memorable in an ever-challenging industry.  

Together we create unforgettable memories that (scientifically) cannot be forgotten.  

So, as we look ahead at the year that stands before us, the trends we are trying to stay on top of and the new ways of the world, we can prepare to reconnect as an industry, reconnect people with people, reconnect people with nature and reconnect travellers with their senses.  

Watch out…  

Long-term memories loading… 

Mindful Musings


Marketing Musings: Sensory Marketing 

The sensory relationship that we have with the world can be used to enhance relationships with brands. How can we do that? 

Did you ever notice that the One & Only has a very specific smell?  

“Businesses that activate multi-sensory bases create memorable experiences for the customer, strengthening the emotional connection between the customers and the brand,” says Professor Ibrahim Taylan Dortyol. 

While we are privileged to be surrounded by so much in Africa that heightens our senses, it is still worth looking at what we can do as a business to strengthen that and ultimately create those lasting memories we’ve been talking about. 

According to themediaonline, “our senses connect our external and internal worlds; they mediate our understanding and moderate our experiences”.  

Meet South Africa, a tourism brand, uses many visual clues among others to immerse the viewer in the world of South African sensory experiences – the feeling of sand between your toes, salty ocean air on your face, the rush of surfing, and the intricate detail of textured art; the rhythmic sound of drum and dance and language; the earthy aroma and taste of wine and fruit. This is a multi-sensorial experience of South Africa that does not depend solely on sight.” 

What more can you do as a brand to integrate the senses into your client experience? 

What the world was musing over this past week

Monday Musings 31 January: Long-term memories loading…  2

Tanzanian sisters make it big with Netflix 

An all-women team from Tanzania have produced a film with the theme of female empowerment. The film has been picked up by Netflix and African women couldn’t be prouder.  

Monday Musings 31 January: Long-term memories loading…  3

It’s raining iguanas 

Yes, that’s right, iguanas have been falling from the skies in south Florida. Temperatures have been so low that they have been falling onto the ground. Don’t panic, they are only temporarily in a frozen state. 

Monday Musings 31 January: Long-term memories loading…  4

Disney+ is coming to South Africa 

Just when you thought Africa couldn’t get any better… enter Disney. Offering exclusive original episodes and movies, you won’t be worried about getting bored again. 

Monday Musings 31 January: Long-term memories loading…  5

A very old gift from Sir William Grey-Wilson in 1887 

Meet the world’s oldest land animal ever. Jonathan, the 190-year-old tortoise, was once a gift to the Seychelles island and has been living the life by sea ever since. Long live Jonathan. 

Monday Musings 31 January: Long-term memories loading…  6

Robot vacuum cleaner on the run 

Hotel staff have a laugh as robot vacuum makes a run for it!