Monday Musings: “Just have one good day. Then repeat.”

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3-2-1, every Thursday James Clear delivers weekly wisdom you can read in 5 minutes, for free. This week it was a reminder that consistency wins the race, so if those New Year’s Resolutions are hanging by a thread, this week’s wisdom will be 5 minutes well spent.

Quite often the great intentions we have early January fall down because we fail to pick realistic goals. We commit to going to gym every day, clocking off at 5pm and swearing off booze completely instead of establishing the atomic habits that it will take to get there in the end.

It’s an all or nothing, immediacy mindset that sets us up for failure. So, this 2021, we chose not to bite off the whole elephant, but to eat it one bite at a time, lowering our expectations and committing to go the extra inch, consistently, instead of the extra mile from time to time.

That’s why we love this sage advice from Thomas Opong who says successful people choose their goals carefully and take the extra inch approach to make progress.

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 1

“They focus on accessible, deeply practical steps – instead of going the extra mile a few times a year. They make better progress in the long-run.”

If you’ve been struggling with consistency, you’re probably focusing your efforts too much on intensity – one massive leap at a time, which is not sustainable. The result? Your progress suffers and so you give up. Bye-bye New Year’s Resolutions until January 2022.

One of the consistent, small practical steps we’ve experimented with this year at Big Ambitions is ‘focus time’, AKA ‘no meetings time’, AKA ‘get sh*t done time’. It’s blocked off in the calendar. True story.

While I’d love to say we protect that focus time with our lives, the reality is that when you’re surrounded with the borderline panic many of us are feeling at the moment, it takes every ounce of will, to take a breath and not get whipped up into the frenzy that will certainly carry us down the path of Groundhog Day 2020.

In the spirit of honesty and taking a step forward consistently instead of a few token erratic leaps here and there, we will admit that we do get hijacked from time to time. But with every passing week, we get better.  And so, ‘focus time’ is an atomic habit worth sticking with and one that will always set us up for a good day.

Our wish for you this 2021? “Just have one good day. Then repeat.”

Mindful Musings

We thought this little nugget was a good one to set you up for your steady march to greatness in 2021.

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 2

Marketing Musings

You don’t need to be a fan or follower of Trump on social media to learn the first great marketing lesson of 2021 – put a little love into your own marketing home instead of pouring all your energy into somebody else’s, most notably one owned by Mark Zuckerberg and co.

A few weeks ago, both Facebook and Twitter banned Trump from their platforms. Considering this is where Trump spent most of his time connecting with his ‘audience’, it was a swift chopping off at the knees for the former Twitter-happy Pres, and perhaps a warning that he should have spent more time building his own marketing platforms. Perhaps a power podcast Donald?

That way, when the online magazine, social media platform or radio station you’ve spent a ton of cash on to place your content goes down, at least you’ll know you have a back-up where you can connect with your customers.

Failing forward

We love this little apology that landed in our inboxes from Thinkific this week. We all make marketing mistakes, it’s how you deal with them that really counts, so when Thinkific sent a mailer out with a broken link, instead of trying to hide it, they sent this personable message shortly after:

Well, this is embarrassing…
Let’s take a second to point out our mistake: A few hours ago, we sent you an email about our free Amplify 2021 event. Many of you tried to register, only to be served an error message!

Instagram is dead

The big picture for Instagram is a thumbs down from the next generation which makes one wonder whether if/when this prediction for the major selfie app is going to come true.  In a world where authenticity and humanity are highly valued, Instagram’s roots in portraying the idyllic and fanciful doesn’t appear to bode well for the platform.

Enter the Reignite Africa Award

Anyone who’s poured energy into promoting Africa as a desirable tourism destination simply must enter the Reignite Africa Award run by WTM Africa. Entries close 15 Feb and remember, you have to be in it, to win it!

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 3

What the world was musing over this week

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 4

When the gloves come off

Purple may have been the colour de jour at President Biden’s inauguration, but it was Bernie Sanders’ mittens that stole the show. Across cyberspace, there have been extraordinary sightings of Bernie and his mittens – he’s shared a giggle with Carrie and the Sex in the City Gals, was sitting in Sheldon’s spot, and was even spotted toasty at Winterfell.

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 5

Birds of a feather

It’s not only humans who lose their way. Thankfully all you need to bring you back is a pal like this wayward rockhopper penguin was lucky to have when he sauntered off with the wrong group. If you love penguins like we do, consider supporting SANCCOB and help save South Africa’s penguins.

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 6

Give me 50

You’d better be fit or flush if you’re breaking Bali’s face masks rules. The tourism destination is making tourists do push-ups or pay a $7 fine for not obeying the rules. Mask wearing aside, there are some pretty weird pandemic rules that have emerged in the past year. Spoiler alert, South Africa’s bizarre closed shoe rule is among them.

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 7

For the love of flying

And then there was the guy who lived in an airport for three months because he was too sacred to fly home. Truth really is stranger than fiction especially as Mr. Singh was able to grace the concourses undetected, surviving on food from other passengers.

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 8

Fly the coop

We are super envious of this brave family of four who’ve shrugged off their life in the suburbs to go birding for a year and find as many of the 800+ species occurring in South Africa. When one considers you can pretty much work and learn anywhere these days, we think it’s pure genius.

Monday Musings: "Just have one good day. Then repeat." 9

For the birds

Since birds seem to be have been a recurring theme this Monday Musing, we’ll leave you with one last little gem that’s been on repeat all week. Can we get a collective aaahhhhhh…..

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