Monday Musings 26 July – Millennial Wanderlust

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It wouldn’t be right to start this Monday Musings without addressing the disappointing performance South Africa put up against The British & Irish Lions in the rugby this weekend – especially after the Ndlovu Youth Choir  got us all fired up.  Notwithstanding the loss, I still couldn’t be prouder of our Bokke.  Hearing the National Anthem and seeing the boys in green and gold wrestle against this formidable European team definitely has me yearning to travel again.  

As a Millennial, I’m starting to realise that younger generations are itching to get out and see the world. The pandemic has sadly taken away this opportunity for so many gap-year youths and as a result, they’ve missed out on the opportunities and worldly growth that travel affords. This sympathy I have is shared with Gen Z and the younger Millennials that have all had this possibility snuffed out.   

Monday Musings 26 July - Millennial Wanderlust 1

Contiki shared their voice following a generation survey which showed that nearly 65% of Gen Z and Millennials want to travel this year and 58% said they would travel right now and pay for their own quarantine. The survey also showed that 71% of Gen Z and Millennials would get vaccinated to travel. Surprising? I don’t think so.   

What is surprising, however,  is the vaccine hesitancy currently being expressed among  my generation. Considering how supposedly ‘woke’ we are,  I was quite  amazed. Maybe it’s  because most of the social media vaccination posts show  how detrimental the virus is to the older generations, and not the youth? I mean, we can’t really believe that post vaccine we are going to stick to the fridge like a fridge magnet?  While Gen-X has  been flocking to get vaccinated it is now  time for the 18+ age groups  from the 1st  of September  to get vaccinated following the  announcement  last night from President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

We’re so desperate to travel that we’re even posting travel photos on social media to make our followers and friends  envious about our seemingly lavish travel experiences! We are most definitely a generation that is fixated with social media and the sad perception that it elevates our status amongst our peers - making sure everyone sees us in the best light, unlike Branson and Bezos currently. How badly timed was their space trip?   

I’m very proud of how my generation has stepped up to the plate with generous hearts in this time of crisis! Even with all the uncertainty  Covid-19 has rained on us, resulting in feelings of immense frustration, anxiety and confusion, we are always willing to provide a helping hand. Whilst nobody has fully escaped the devastating consequences of this hideous pandemic, it’s incredibly heartwarming to know that the  younger generations are the most likely to provide help to the less fortunate. This certainly bodes well for the future as a whole. If, in times of need, we can all stand together (just like the Bokke!) I’m happy to continue feeling positive that we’ll get through this sooner rather than later and I’ll definitely be on the first plane when travel opens up again!  

Mindful Musings  

Monday Musings 26 July - Millennial Wanderlust 2

Marketing Musings  

Press releases are still being used and they have been for 113 years! While you may think that it is an outdated form of PR, you couldn’t be further from the truth. While press releases still work, how and what makes them effective has shifted.  

Press releases don’t need to be complicated; they need to include concise information that gives the journalist all the information they need in a succinct manner. Make sure that you answer those 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why) to promote your release as best as possible.  

Monday Musings 26 July - Millennial Wanderlust 3

Pitching the perfect press release to journalists is one of the important aspects that can either make or ruin your release. The  6 steps  to follow that will make your press releases flawless are:  

  • Prepare your press release for distribution  
  • Build your target media list  
  • Write a compelling subject line  
  •  Personalise your email  
  • Hit send (at the right time)  

The press release is an amazing tool used by so many PR companies to raise awareness and expand their reach. You’re ultimately selling a story. Your pitch is your product, and the journalists are your prospects. Stay confident and be persuasive.  

What the world was musing over the past week  

Monday Musings 26 July - Millennial Wanderlust 4

South Africa moves to adjusted level three lockdown  

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced  that  South Africa moves to an adjusted Alert Level 3 Lockdown with immediate effect.  

Monday Musings 26 July - Millennial Wanderlust 5

The 18+ age group can be jabbed from 1st  of September  

Without booking an appointment, the younger generations can get the jab.   

Monday Musings 26 July - Millennial Wanderlust 6

Still not astronauts?  

According to the US’s Federal Aviation Authority Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are still not astronauts after their trip. 

Monday Musings 26 July - Millennial Wanderlust 7

South Africans can travel to France  

Vaccinated South Africans are finally allowed back into France. 

Monday Musings 26 July - Millennial Wanderlust 8

Here’s to gold! 

Chad Le Clos tips Tatjana Schoenmaker to win the 200m breaststroke as well as the 100m event.