Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star? 

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Remember the time when getting lost was a hot trend in travel? In 2011, the BBC even went as far as writing a guideline on how to go about ‘getting lost’ while on holiday. 

Fast forward 10 years and we’re all feeling a little lost. And not in a good way. Ever since that nasty little virus turned our worlds upside down in 2020, I feel like I’ve been bobbing along on wild waters. On a boat with a hole. And no paddles. Hold my beer BBC, I’ll write you a book on getting lost.  

In 2021, the trick is not to know how to get lost – we got that one covered BBC – but to know how to get back on track. 

Many of us are resorting to being ‘busy’. Like all the delightful little characters in the iconic children’s book Busytown. Except we’re not nearly as cheery as the busy little animals in Richard Scarry’s books. The Wall Street Journal seems to think the reason that is because we keep changing the goalposts – always finding more ‘important’ things that require our attention.  

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  1

As Pink Floyd said in the 70s:  

“Run, rabbit run.  

Dig that hole, forget the sun  

And when at last the work is done  

Don’t sit down, it’s time to dig another one…” 

All the busyness will probably make you forget you got lost, but is it really the best way to get back on track? Back to square one: how do we find our North Star? How can we redefine ourselves and our businesses after everything has been turned upside down?  

The team at Big Ambitions has the answer…. just joking. Our team rocks and is absolutely amazing, but we haven’t managed to crack this one quite yet.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have some theories…  

  1. Focus on the good 

What you focus on magnifies. So you might as well focus on the good stuff. And boy, has there been some good stuff! The world is opening up again to South Africans, airlines are relaunching their routes,….   

  1. Get uncomfortable 

Getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to learn and grow. You may stumble, but that’s ok. Even though we might feel powerless in situations outside our comfort zone, we have more power than we think. So, give it a go. 

  1. Allow yourself to be vulnerable… 

As Brené Brown points out in this Power of Vulnerability TED Talk, being vulnerable can be a stepping stone to being who you are. This can allow you to care deeply and enjoy life to the fullest.  

  1. But don’t let it affect your self-esteem 

Did you know that over 85% of us suffer from some sort of diminished self-esteem? To find your path, you need to trust yourself.  

  1. See things from a different perspective 

Still haven’t found your North Star? Maybe stop looking North and try your luck East, West or South. If you need some help to change perspectives, these pictures might help you see the world a little differently.  

Mindful Musings 

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  2

Marketing Musings: South Africans eating Russians 

Hats off to Eskort. They gave us all a chuckle in the past month with an elaborate spoof in which South Africans discussed how they felt about ‘eating Russians’.  

In the video, South Africans can be seen talking about their love for the kind of sausage and what they enjoy eating it with. “I love to cut them in half and deep-fry them,” one of the people in the video can be heard saying.  

An ‘outraged’ vlogger – which fooled many journos but was in fact part of the spoof – called on world leaders to intervene and help the poor Russians at risk in South Africa.  

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  3

Explaining the campaign, group marketing manager Marcelle Pienaar said they asked themselves what would happen if anyone outside South Africa caught the tail end of the fact that South Africans eat Russians (sausages). 

“Capturing this fictitious, widely shared misunderstanding was used to tickle South Africa’s funny bone by holding the mirror up for us to see what we often accept as common language or ideas, for what they really are: uniquely local. 

“We, South Africans, have always had the ability to laugh at ourselves. It’s part of what makes us unique. As one of South Africa’s most-loved brands, enjoyed every day across this country by people and families from every walk of life, we love celebrating what connects us,” said Pienaar. 

What the world has been musing over 

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  4

How not to be a jerk 

As the world is opening up again and we’re dusting off our suitcases, it’s important to have a refresher on how not to be a jerk while travelling.

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  5

Robot invasion alert 

What would modern life be without worrying about robots taking over? The newest robots are terrifyingly nimble.  

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  6

No queues. No checkout. No waiting. 

Now in South Africa: a store with advanced AI and machine vision technology and cameras that identifies which products customers are taking from the shelf, and then automatically bills your bank card. What could possibly go wrong?

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  7

Shopping with a python?  

A grocery run turned into a snake rescue for an Australian woman when she was greeted by a python poking out from a supermarket shelf. 

Monday Musings 23 August: Have you lost your North Star?  8

No more excuses! Learn SA’s languages online. 

Always wanted to learn Xhosa or Zulu? They’ll soon be available on Duolingo.