Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you?

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We’re huge fans of Seth Godin here in the Big Ambitions virtual office and Seth realised another 163 words of magic in his latest CEO of You blog.  
What do CEOs do? And why do they get paid the big bucks? As Seth so succinctly puts it, the good ones make decisions. That’s it. Short, sweet (sometimes) and simple (hardly).  
Making decisions can be incredibly difficult. It’s the reason why we’ve covered ‘decision fatigue’ and how to be more productive before in our Monday Musings.  
Decision making is a skill. And a powerful tool. For CEOs, it’s the one thing that creates the most value – and sets them apart.  

“When we go to work, most of us simply go to work. We do our jobs, respond to the incoming, hone our craft, make some sales. 

The decisions get put off or ignored altogether. 

And yet it’s the strategic decisions that can change the arc of our career and our job satisfaction as well.” 

And that’s just at work. Are you making the decisions you need to as the CEO of your life? 
With four simple questions, Seth gives us a place to start: 

  1. What are the five big decisions on your desk right now?
  2. Would others in your position have a different list?
  3. How much of your day is spent learning what you need to know to make those decisions?
  4. And can you make them all by Tuesday?

In short, it’s about being intentional. Being intentional with how you spend your time, what you’re spending it on and why. 
So, what have you decided to do today?  

Mindful Musings 

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you? 1

Marketing Musings 

You might just find that ‘intentional’ is the buzzword for 2022 (move over, “you’re on mute”). Forbes revealed their travel trend report for 2022 with key findings especially for travel marketers.  

Trends to watch include: 

  • A new sense of caring – it’s travel with purpose, amplified.  
  • On the right track – travellers are going ‘low’ rather than ‘high’ with train travel set to boom. 
  • Travel less, travel better – Think slow travel, responsible travel and longer holidays all bundled into one enticing package.  

Founder of Original Travel, Tom Barber, says:  

In ordinary times, you wouldn’t expect to see a tour operator telling people to travel less, but these are no longer ordinary times – and besides, the ‘ Travel Less, Travel Better ’ concept shouldn’t be an alarming one for the tourism sector. Fewer trips can still equal a buoyant industry, particularly if those trips are longer, better-planned and more meaningful. In fact, for the trade this can represent a huge opportunity because it means that when we do travel, we’re going to want it to be absolutely perfect.” 

What does that mean for travel marketing? Identify your brand pillars; check that they’re still valid/in line with what your customer wants now (not what your pre-pandemic customer may have wanted); and whatever marketing decisions you make, ensure they fit into one of those brand and content pillars.  
Doing everything with intention and empathy certainly can’t lead us wrong. 

What the world was musing over this past week

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you? 2

Khayelitsha gets its first boutique hotel 

Ex-flight attendant Annette Skaap is the brains behind Khayelitsha’s first four-star township boutique hotel, Spade Hotel and Spa, set to open in December this year.

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you? 3

When the tourists are away, the elephants play

Kenya’s elephants are experiencing a post-lockdown baby boom with 200 baby ellies (or “COVID gifts”) born during this time, according to Kenya’s first-ever National Wildlife Census.

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you? 4

Fill up your swear jar 

On Tuesday, 30 November, charity organisation Rare Diseases SA wants you to swear in the office, then pay for it, with proceeds from those virtual swear jars going towards a procurement fund for high-cost medicine.

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you? 5

Wooed to the Western Cape
Wesgro has launched a new domestic remote work campaign as part of a provincial strategy to attract digital nomads from elsewhere in Mzansi to the Western Cape. 

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you? 6

Say yes to subtitles 

Research has revealed that young viewers are almost four times more likely than older viewers to watch TV shows with subtitles, according to research by a captioning charity. Shows such as South Korea’s Squid Game showed that subtitles are not a barrier for younger viewers.  

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you? 7

Move on Eskom 

Solar power is becoming an increasingly important part of the global energy mix. Be enlightened with this handy infographic detailing solar power by country in 2021.

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you? 8

How to operate an airport in Antarctica 

Operating an airport anywhere involves a lot of moving parts and precision. But in Antarctica? That requires a whole different level of cool. The Troll  Research Station shows us how to operate an airport in Antarctica.