Monday Musings 22 June: Where is all this rushing taking you?

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As Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, physicist and religious philosopher once put it, “all of humanity’s problems stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room.”

In the colossal waiting-game of 2020, many of us have become addicted to the rush of the crisis, throwing ourselves into our work, charging ahead in our restlessness and becoming incapable of being still.

With one half of the year behind us and the other in front, perhaps this is the perfect time to ask ourselves:

Where is all this rushing taking you?

Reclaim your concentration

Seneca, the Roman Stoic philosopher, states, “there is no greatness that is not at peace,” and with extensive hyperconnectivity during our national lockdown, many of us have already found a new normal: a state of perpetual distraction.

Videos of roller coaster riding teddy bears aside, anxiety is on the rise and burnout feels an ever-present threat. 

This recent article from the Harvard Business Review notes that during the Covid-19 crisis, we now use digital media for an average of over 12 hours per day. We also rely excessively on work meetings as the default form of interaction with other people – with studies indicating that we spend anywhere from 35%–55% of our time (and sometimes much more) in meetings. 

And while we all love to think we can multitask effectively, research shows a conclusive “nope!”. We are actually terrible at it. 

The data echoes what our common sense tells us: something has to change, and as Seth Godin so eloquently reminds us: busy is a choice, productive is a skill.  While we patiently await dates to be announced for accommodation establishments to open their doors and for it to be worth dipping into some of that unused leave, these five daily practices should also help you reclaim your concentration. 

Monday Musings 22 June: Where is all this rushing taking you? 1

If social media is your vice and you’re struggling to use it effectively right now, register here for part 3 of our #INTHEKNOW interactive workshop this Thursday at 2pm in partnership with Africa Travel Week

In this session, we’re keeping it practical, focused and cost-effective as we break out into groups to problem-solve for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

South Africa is Travel Ready

With the flurry of media attention around speculative dates for reopening South Africa’s borders to international visitors, the resounding message from the industry is: South Africa is Travel Ready.

As The Points Guy reports, Delta’s much-anticipated tag flight to Cape Town is now bookable, as previously touched on in this Cape Talk interview with Wesgro filled with confident pro-tourism comments. Just what we like to hear! 

A lot has changed since this initial round of infections. For one thing, we know a lot more about Covid-19, how it is spread and who is most vulnerable. As the Daily Maverick explains in the article, the South African government clearly believes it is now possible to travel safely by air, or it would not have allowed domestic flights for “business” purposes to resume. 

South Africa’s tourism private-sector, under the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) continues to advocate for an earlier phased reopening of international tourism to South Africa –  September 2020 (or earlier) and just in time for the summer high season. 

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with them is the ‘South Africa is Travel Ready’ PR & Communications collaboration which comprises Scribe Consulting, Lesley Simpson Communications, Take Note Reputation Management, Big Ambitions (that’s us), Tribeca Public Relations, The Hunter Group, Vuma and Darling Lama

Monday Musings 22 June: Where is all this rushing taking you? 2

In addition to the widespread media lobbying locally and internationally to address the imminent reopening, the collective has set up a website,, and Facebook page, ‘South Africa Travel Ready’

Right now, every company and individual in South Africa’s tourism industry has the power to contribute to and amplify the inclusive message that ‘South Africa is Travel Ready’. 

You can do this by: 

  • Emailing your positive destination news, images and videos (not a product push) to
  • Liking, following and sharing our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
  • Tagging your social media with the hashtag #SouthAfricaisTravelReady
  • Sharing our positive stories about Destination South Africa with your customers and encourage them to amplify the #SouthAfricaisTravelReady message 

As we persevere forward, don’t forget to be still within the frenzy. Afterall, stillness is how we truly connect to ourselves and others.

Stay safe and strong!

The Big Ambitions team