Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s!

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In a modern, laid-back world, it’s easy to forget how awesome flying actually is. Flying in the ‘50s was considered magical! A trip on an aeroplane was a holiday on its own. Passengers used to dress up, light a cigarette, line up for a group photo, and you were truly made to feel like royalty as a passenger. However, there is no denying that times have changed. 

Nostalgia for the “olden days” seems to be an ongoing trend, and we will forever explore the ways of our past and admire them, however, travel etiquette is unfortunately constantly changing, and we need to think far more carefully before travelling today than we did in 2018. So, let’s start by focusing on mistakes to avoid while traveling internationally, and adhere to travel protocols outlined by the airline you’re travelling with.   

Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s! 1

The ethics of travelling after getting the jab is explained across the net, and many are unsure of how to handle international travellers that have been vaccinated – do the inbound tourists still need to wear masks in public places? the gist is – the dreaded mask is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Venturing to the land of the vaccinated, destinations worldwide are thinking out the box to attract tourists in a new COVID-friendly way. For example, Sweden, dubbed “the Drinkable Country” has recently launched the world’s largest open-air bar concept, strategically positioning open-air bars in “locations such as the southernmost beaches and northernmost mountaintops.”  

Whilst many wish they could escape as fast as the Guptas, many remain hesitant to travel to Europe and prefer to stay put in their dorpie town despite facing load-shedding and water restrictions. 

Let’s get sipping those Castle Lagers then! For those just wanting a quick escape, a trip to the recently re-opened Bascule Bar might be worth a visit to enjoy the views of Table Mountain once again – a fantastic positive for the industry as iconic hotels start re-opening. Alternatively, be adventurous and book a stay at Hoedspruit’s Aerotel, one of the abandoned, pre-COVID aircraft converted into a hotel.  

Getting the most out of an overdue trip that should be filled with excitement is high on the priority checklist these days, let’s avoid hair-pulling and fistfights on the aeroplane, and rather aim to understand ways we can ENJOY our time in the airport and aeroplane, and see the magic in flying again, the way they did in the ‘50s. 

Mindful Musings 

Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s! 2

Marketing Musings 

Social Media always has something new and trendy going on and keeping up with it can be somewhat daunting, but it’s vital to keep clients engaged and for businesses to increase sales and engagement online – which nowadays is a prominent sales stream.    

Let’s look at some of the social media trends that can assist us in keeping ahead of the game.  

Due to reduced numbers of staff operating in businesses, chatbots have become a prominent feature for most. Although some see this as an ‘impersonal’ touch, it is helping many companies assist clients without the need for staff interaction from the get-go. So, keep your eyes on this one – chatbots are growing in popularity, and here we certainly see the growth and development of artificial intelligence.   

Just when you thought influencers were a thing of the past, they’re coming back with a vengeance! Just when you thought influencers were a thing of the past, they’re coming back with a vengeance! Within the travel trade, especially during this post-COVID-19 era, travel influencers will help us better understand what we are getting ourselves into – and what better way to promote your brand than through word-of-mouth.

Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s! 3

Positive user-generated content is another, more modern way of word-of-mouth – your brand is being commented on, possibly even shared amongst their circles and essentially offering you free advertising. Again, this is a great way to get traction on your brand – and all you have to do is comment and share the comments – the clients are doing the work!   

Social Media can be a daunting platform to stay on top of. Keeping ahead of the game with the trends is what will essentially keep your business strong. First and foremost, we need to keep an ear to the ground and listen to our clients. Ultimately, they are invaluable brand ambassadors. 

What the world was musing over this past week  

Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s! 4

Get Involved! World Female Ranger Day 

This week we shine a light on female wildlife rangers recognising the efforts, they make daily and their bravery. Get involved and actively help raise funds for this cause. 

Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s! 5

Big Shiny Things 

1000-carot diamond, fit for a queen, has recently been found in Botswana – and it could be the third largest in the world.   

Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s! 6

A Haunting Note 

A chilling note found from a pilot after his last flight pre-lockdown. Few knew when they would return to the air and warm the front seat again.  

Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s! 7

I’m outta here! 

Gupta mansion feeling rather abandoned as they swiftly left the country. 

Monday Musings 21 June 2021: Travel Etiquette – Take me back to the ‘50s! 8

Another Point of View  

Focus on your wellbeing and get on your hands instead of your feet – health and fitness benefits of handstands