Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on?

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Spuddle (verb) (archaic) 


to work feebly and ineffectively, because your mind is elsewhere, or you haven’t quite woken up yet. 

Late 17th century, still in use in parts of the West Country. 

Have you had a full-on week, month or even a year of spuddle? Our team thought this delightful 17th century word rather perfectly describes how we’ve been feeling over the past week and a bit.  

When your to-do list becomes overwhelming rather than exciting and your phone won’t stop buzzing with “Can you just quickly do XYZ?,” one can get rather stuck in a spuddle. Simply overwhelmed, with no idea of where even to start! 
After driving in fifth gear for more than 18 months, racing towards the end of yet another rollercoaster year, we’re suddenly finding the need to switch into even higher gear as the rest of the world wakes up. 
We’ve shared many productivity tips before in this newsletter but perhaps it’s time to revisit some of our favourites… 

And the most important lessons to learn when wading out of the spuddle? Not every single day is going to be the most productive day ever. But you’ll get better, bit by bit.  

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 1

Changing gears from spuddle to vooma, South Africa’s first Vooma Vaccination Weekend has been deemed a success with over 350 000 jabs given, one and a half times the normal rate. The government’s Vooma campaign is aimed at helping achieve that 70% vaccination target by the end of the year. 

The Western Cape Health Department has explained that “vooma” is derived from the Afrikaans word “woema” meaning ‘energy and speed’ and also resembles the Nguni word ”vuma” meaning ‘agree.’ So, agree with energy and speed.  

We know that’s the golden ticket to inspiring traveller confidence. InsureMyTrip ran the numbers to determine which countries Americans feel the safest visiting. Puerto Rico, South Africa, UAE, Croatia and Austria featured in the top five, with Austria perceived to be the safest overseas destination, with only 27% of Americans expressing concern about contracting COVID-19 on their holiday there, based on InsureMyTrip’s research. 
And on Friday, the White House said it would allow fully-vaccinated international travellers into the US starting Monday, 8 November, lifting a ban on visitors from the European Union, UK and other countries. 

We’ve finally got our green light, skies are opening up, there are green shoots of spring and optimism all around. So let’s not overthink, keep it simple and remember to unplug and reset. 
That’s the key, we think, to not just spuddling around. The world awaits! 

Mindful Musings 

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 2

Marketing Musings

There’s a reason so many of us say we’re visual learners. This week, we’re diving into infographics and why, when done right, they’re an incredibly powerful weapon in any marketer’s arsenal.  
Big Ambititions’ ‘Jide Olowookere has unpacked why using infographics is so beneficial. In a world where there’s more marketing noise than ever before, thanks to increased screen time, and where marketing messages can be more complicated than ever (for example, travel regulations, red lists, T&Cs, required travel documents, timelines to travel recovery etc.), the simplicity of a well-designed infographic can convey the message much more effectively than a 1000 words.  

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 3

Did you know that infographics date back to the 18th century? One notable example of the power of the infographic to drive change occurred in the mid-19th century during the Crimean War. Florence Nightingale partnered with William Farr, a statistician, to determine whether her observations that deaths were linked to sanitation were correct. They were. She presented their findings to Queen Victoria in – you guessed it – an infographic. The easy-to-understand visual impact of the data convinced the Queen and the British Government and a sanitary commission was established.  

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 4

Enjoy this collection of some of the best infographics.

What the world was musing over this past week 

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 5

Rather nice, isn’t it? 

UNESCO has declared the French city of Nice a new UNESCO World Heritage site

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 6

To boldly go where no man has gone before 

Star Trek actor, 90-year-old William Shatner (Captain Kirk, as you may remember him), becomes the oldest person to reach space. 

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 7

It’s wild out there 

25 stunning wildlife photographs have been selected for the People’s Choice award, the 56th edition held by London’s Museum of Natural History. Photo credit: Karine Aigner.

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 8

Build a customer lifecycle 

Entrepreneurs on fire share how to build a customer lifecycle in our ‘new normal.’ 

Monday Musings 18 October: Are you just spuddling on? 9

Up your elevator pitch 

Pitch your ideas in less than 10 minutes with these three strategies to quickly grab your audience’s attention.