Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content

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Has your year got off to a good start? If you’re anything like me (and I reckon 95% of the world’s population) you gave New Year’s resolutions a skip this year. After all, resolutions are not the vibe for 2022. As writer Faith Hill says, “If we can’t let go of frantic self-improvement nearly two years into a pandemic, when can we?” 

Although I did quite like this piece from The Guardian, which lists 100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying – more my kinda vibe, and perfect for those who are looking for small changes with big rewards!  

And talking of small changes/big rewards, is it time to rethink and rework your content marketing strategy? At the beginning of January, in a trends piece for Bizcommunity, Natalia shared some eye-opening stats from  

According to Manifest, “for all the effort put into creating content, studies show that consumers summarily dismiss most of it. Just 5 percent of content is responsible for 90 percent of results. That’s a lot of waste.” 

For anyone in content marketing, it’s a wake-up call. Random acts of content don’t work. Content for the sake of content? Meaningless. Endless EDMs (electronic direct mail), social media posts, blogs and newsletters with little relevance or meaningful thought behind them? Just adding to the noise.  

That 5 percent is where the magic happens. But what is the secret to success? And how do we grow the figure to a more palatable number? 

Rellify believes that solid blog content, visual content, video content, an email marketing strategy, a social media strategy (complete with substantial audience engagement), AND a good customer experience on your website is a good place to start.  

There’s no doubt that time-scarce audiences are becoming more and more discerning in terms of the content they consume – be it strong, visually-pleasing infographics or meatier thought-leadership pieces.  

Content strategists will spend a lot of time this year getting it right. According to Rellify, trends to look out for include: 

  1. Greater investments in content marketing 
  1. An emphasis on relevant long-form content 
  1. The understanding that mobile technology matters (i.e. optimising your website content for mobile) 
  1. Enriching, updating and repurposing older articles – with excellent results 
  1. An abundance of video content  
  1. A proliferation of storytelling in content marketing 
  1. The creation of more relevant content 

My wish for 2022? That we say goodbye to random acts of content. Let’s be honest, writing is hard. And the less we churn, and the more intentional we are with our efforts and goals, the happier we’ll be. At least, I know I will.  

Mindful Musings

Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content 1

Marketing Musings 

Have you succumbed to the magic of Wordle yet? The crafty 6×5 word puzzle grid that’s got the world talking? Much has been written about the addictive new word game, including how to win at Wordle using linguistic theory.  

Of course, most articles focus on why Wordle has gone viral – its ‘social currency’ and the concept of scarcity. One word each day. No more, no less. This ‘treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen’ approach has kept people coming back for more … and loving every minute.  

Except maybe when people realised that it ‘favors’ US spelling. Let’s be honest, from a UK-based website ( it was unexpected. The Internet’s reaction was hilarious, including this little gem from poet Brian Bilston: 

Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content 2

There’s much to love about Wordle: A simple, no bells and whistles game that the whole world gets to enjoy together. It’s not selling you anything, asking you for anything (except the right answer, in six moves or less) or monetised in any way.  

I just love that fact that, at the heart of it all, Wordle is a love story. Creator Josh Wardle (do you see what he did there?) designed this little puzzle to keep his word-game-loving partner happy.  

Or perhaps it’s because it’s a little like the classic, old-school game of ‘Hangman’. Nothing like a dose of nostalgia.  

Or maybe, as journalist David Shariatmadari points out, it’s because 2022 has started gently. With the world preoccupied with a harmless word game, rather than say, a worrying new virus in Wuhan or an attack on the United States Capitol. 

Wordle facts: 

  • The Wordle list is about 2500 words long. Which means we can play for the next 7 years! 
  • You can change the settings to make it harder. Six attempts too easy? Switch to ‘hard mode’ and see what happens … 
  • The game actually got off to a slow start. It was released in mid-October 2021, and on 1 November 2021, had a total of just 90 players. Hello word-of-mouth! 
  • Unusually, the game is played via a browser rather than an app. This means no advertising, no notifications, no data collection. Just good old-fashioned fun.  

Zero interest in Wordle? Check out this collection of great copywriting examples – more proof that simple ideas are the most powerful.  

What the world was musing over this past week 

Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content 3

52 Places for a changed world 

The New York Times’ list, which highlights places around the globe where travellers can escape ‘overtourism’ and ‘be part of the solution for a changed world’, has South Africa at number 15! 

Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content 4

Emirates recreates viral Burj Khalifa stunt 

Remember the ‘flight attendant’ who stood at the very top of the Burj Khalifa? Well, Emirates have done it again – this time in celebration of “the world’s greatest show”, the Dubai Expo.

Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content 5

Rare sighting of the blanket octopus off the Great Barrier Reef 

Only a handful of people have spotted this technicolour octopus – making it one of the rarest (and most beautiful) sights in the marine world! 

Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content 6

Baby seal accidentally scares baby polar bear 

Cuteness overload. This BBC footage captures arguably the sweetest animal interaction ever seen in the wild. If nothing else, it’ll make your Monday.