Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me?

Any other moms notice that pre-primary schools have had an astounding increase in playground injuries over the last year?

As social distancing rules have lifted, kids are sharing play spaces with more children than they’re used to, and play areas have become smaller. Kids have gone long periods without practising spatial awareness; monkey bars are more crowded than a few weeks ago, kids need to be quicker on their feet to move out the way, and jungle gyms are harder to navigate.

The result… increased injuries and a real need to reassess and adapt to play environments.

According to DREME, “Knowledge of object categories and attributes allows children to mentally and physically organize things in their world. Spatial awareness and spatial relations allow children to locate objects and navigate successfully in their environments.” 

Similarly, in our adult world, we have become accustomed to a life with less in-person interaction, and our social habits have deteriorated because of it.

Isn’t it interesting that one of the hot topics at the moment is reconnection, yet someone will pick up their phone within the first 10 minutes of conversation to scroll for something more interesting to read?

How rude!

We have an addiction problem that often beats the deep desire to connect in person. If you had to choose in-person social interaction or your phone – which would you give up forever?  I’m going to have to guess your phone. Yet it somehow still trumps a good old conversation with eye contact.

Let’s talk for a second about something called phubbing, or “phone snubbing”. In other words, the act of ignoring someone in favour of your phone.  

I’m sure I don’t stand alone in having witnessed this behaviour. Or maybe I talk too much – but that’s debatable.

The danger with phubbing is the damage it can do to relationships. The need for us to recognize this growing problem, reassess and adapt is paramount.

According to Science of People, “Eye contact is super important in bonding and developing oxytocin, the chemical that builds trust and connection. A lack of eye contact due to phubbing can make people feel like you don’t care about them or value their time.”

So, what are we doing to our relationships, and what impact is this having on our businesses and wellbeing?

Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me? 1

Phubbing makes us feel less connected. That’s right. In a world where reconnection is important to most people at the moment, many are allowing a lousy habit to impact our relationships, which ultimately affects our experiences.

According to Time, “A 2012 study even found that the mere presence of a cell phone during a conversation — even if no one was using it — was enough to make people feel less connected to each other.”

So, I’d like to challenge you to reduce any form of phubbing and instead reassess the environment and adapt. Focus on the real connections, before relationships are killed, and we connect with the playground floor instead.

Mindful Musings

Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me? 2

Marketing Musings

Stories on social media are a growing space for marketers these days. A simple post will no longer cut it. There are a few ways you can use Facebook Stories to reach your goals, drive traffic to your website and create engaging content that adds value to your followers. 

One of the main reasons you should be focusing on stories in the social space is that they can be much less time intensive than carefully constructing a social media post. It’s a great way to get a message across quickly while still offering a personal way for your audience to engage with your brand.

For those marketers out there wanting to improve their Facebook stories, I really enjoyed this guide to success by SocialMedia Examiner.

Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me? 3

One of the many tips in this guide talks to repurposing your video content. I love tips that help us work smarter not harder.

Using your web page’s existing video content is a clever way to create interesting and engaging stories. Using a program such as Creator Studio can help cut videos shorter and create teasers to longer video content that already exists. The story video then hooks your viewers and prompts them to view the full video on your website, driving traffic to your page and increasing engagement on your posts. A nice alternative to sharing your Instagram videos and rather something fresh on Facebook Stories.

What the world was musing over this past week

Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me? 4

The Kruger’s face-lift

SAN Parks have confirmed they’re looking at upgrading the Kruger National Park with a R370 million refurbishment.

Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me? 5

Back to the roots

Keep an eye out for the District Six Huis Kombuis Food and Memory Cookbook, a collection of memories that have been tucked away for years. 

Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me? 6

Food that’s out of this world

Scientists are growing plants in lunar soil for the first time and the results are out of this world. Who knows what food will taste like for the next generations.

Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me? 7

Are we there yet?

High speed trains are on their way to South Africa and local travel will change forever. Lunch in another city anyone?

Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me? 8

Eating more sustainably

If you thought your paper plate was better for the environment, what do you think about edible plates and cutlery? A better alternative to the landfill, fill my belly with crockery please!