Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa!

Jessica, we are live!” – The phrase that had every Namibian (and South African) in stitches this week.  In case you haven’t seen  it – prepare to laugh out loud while simultaneously cringing in sympathy for poor Jessica and Elmarie who went viral after their excruciatingly awkward exchange live on air.

Their mishap is a good reminder to all of us. Dress rehearsals are over. We’ve practised our new skills for over a year: “Keep a safe distance. Wash your hands. Cover your mouth and nose. Don’t share a Zol (We learned that one the hard way. Thanks, Minister Dlamini Zuma).” We’re ready to show the world what we can do. Now, it’s time for our tourism industry to go live.

June seems to mark the cautious beginning of a tourism go-live for our country. It all started with the launch of the United Airways’ direct flight from New York to Jozi, but it didn’t end there. The US eased its travel warning for South Africa. President Biden is no longer comparing us to Afghanistan, but has put us on the same Level 3 ‘naughty step’ as France. Coming from the country that is offering free joints for jabs, we’ll take their warnings with a grain of salt.

Looking for more good news? Virgin Atlantic says it will restart services to Johannesburg in the next few weeks. And Ireland will soon welcome South Africans again without a visa. Obviously, SAA didn’t want to miss the party. Our national airline will once again take to the skies. And the best thing is: the money won’t come out of the taxpayers’ pockets. We’re definitely looking forward to having Gidon Novick in charge again – even if he swapped the colour green for a fashionable multicolour livery.

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa! 1

As much as we’re ready to rock and roll, the world is also ready visit South Africa again. Americans are itching to explore our shores again. And Europeans are not far behind. Data analytics company Vacaay, said South Africa saw a 520% increase in Europeans adding South Africa to their travel itineraries.

Why South Africa, you ask? SA Tourism has the answer in moving tribute to our country, Because South Africa, which rightfully won three awards at the recent International Tourism Film Festival Africa (ITFFA).

As we’re about to take to the stage, go live or fasten our seatbelts for take-off, it’s important to remember the challenges we continue to face and the turbulence we might still encounter. The third wave simply can’t be ignored. We need to step up and promote responsible travel. Too many lives have been lost, too many businesses have already faltered.

Although we need to move forward, drop the rehearsals and revive our industry, let’s promise to always remember our fallen heroes and keep them close to our hearts. Let’s make our future count. 3…2…1… We’re live, South Africa!

Mindful Musings

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa! 2

Marketing Musings

Relevant marketing always considers ‘real’ pain points experienced by ‘real’ people. Since the COVID pandemic hit, a number of ads and campaigns have surfaced that are tugging on our heartstrings and depicting relatable scenarios which we ALL recognise.

Pfizer and BioNTec are reminding people around the world about all the things they had to sacrifice: from hugging to playing with grandchildren and kissing people goodbye. With the tagline “Science can make this possible. Only you can make it real”,  the pharmaceutical companies remind us that these things will be possible again with vaccines. 

The 25- to 30-second videos are real takes of real people—found online and then licensed with consent for the digital campaign, which launched last week on social media. “Those are real people, real emotions and real scenarios,” Sharon J. Castillo, senior director of global media relations at Pfizer, said. “These are not actors. These were not staged. These are real. We are hoping that they remind all of us of the human touch that we crave so much of going back to normal and being able to hug our grandparents.”

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa! 3

Burger King has played on a similar concept, albeit a lot more ‘tongue-in-cheek’. Compiled by Buzzman, the ad re-enacts the everyday incidents of selfishness that have been missed while everyone was holed up at home, from leaving trays on the table to knocking down signs and holding up the queue by attempting to pay for your meal with a year’s worth of accumulated spare change.

What the world was musing over this past week

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa! 4

When an Ellie needs a nap

Not everyone becomes a social media sensation for taking a nap. But this group of 15 elephants did.

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa! 5

Cheetahs relocate to India

We might still face travel restrictions, but 8 South African cheetahs are ready to pack their bags and travel to India.

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa! 6

Did you always want to slap a President?

Maybe you should reconsider. The Frenchman who slapped President Macron will spend four months behind bars.

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa! 7

Spat out by a whale!

It’s a modern day Jonah and the Whale story: A Massachusetts lobster diver was briefly swallowed up by a humpback whale on Friday, and lived to tell the tale.

Monday Musings 14 June 2021: We’re live, South Africa! 8

Ban Twitter, Allow Tik Tok

Presidents seem to have a love-hate relationship with social media channels this week. Nigeria banned twitter, while Biden revoked the Tik Tok ban.