Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word?

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What is it about the word “love” that gets us all gaga (or gaarrr- nauseous emojis included)? 

Is it because generations of humans have crossed oceans (or crossed their families) in pursuit of their soulmate? Is it thanks to Shakespeare and his sonnets or the cheesy rom-com that’s been around in various forms since 1928

Or is love, actually not a matter of the heart, but the mind? Is it a hormone or just a chemical high in our brain? 

Oxytocin enjoys the reputation for being the hormone of love and trust, and engineering all those warm and fuzzy feelings. In 2005, Helen Fisher and co set out to do their now ground-breaking experiment – delving into the brains of 37 people who by their own admission, were madly in love. The MRI scanner proved that romantic love caused a surge of the feelgood chemical, dopamine, lighting up certain areas of the brain with more activity than a Woolworths checkout counter with last minute Chuckles purchases on V-Day. The love high is said to reflect in the brain just like a cocaine high, or so they say.  

Whether or not love is all in the mind, or the heart, luckily for us there are many other things that set our hearts-a-flutter as well. Content marketing does it for me (we dare you to tell us it’s not sexy!). 

We fell hook, line and sinker for this model for crafting successful, viral content. Along with the comment that actually content is art, not science, here’s what we loved and how you can cook up this formula for all your content pieces: 

Hook: Grab attention, make a promise 
Line: Deliver on the promise, trigger emotions 
Sinker: Make the message last, inspire sharing 

Here’s why the sinker is so powerful. It’s that one word/image/phrase/thing that sticks in your memory. 

“The sinker is that singular, powerful, lasting memory that makes a piece stick with you. It’s the “I’ll have what she’s having” (from When Harry Met Sally), the “I can see Russia from my house” (Tina Fey as Sarah Palin… or wait, maybe Palin actually said it?), the lightsaber sound from Star Wars (you can hear the vwoosh sound in your head right now), the first bite of al dente pasta after a childhood of soggy noodles.” 

What’s the real golden nugget here is that there is never just one sinker. It’s different (mind blown) for different content consumers.  

“Your job as creator isn’t to deliver only one of these potential hits, but to strike those chords again and again throughout your content, then remind the reader/viewer/listener at the end.”

And if you don’t have a hook, line or sinker, perhaps it’s time to break up with that piece of content. 

Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word? 1

Now after that sinking fact, I’m off to buy myself a bunch of red roses. Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

Mindful Musings

Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word? 2

Marketing Musings 

Some sinkers forever embedded in your heart, mind and consciousness are no doubt the TV ads you watched years ago before ad-free Netflix romanced us off our feet. 

We’re still crushing hard on South Africa’s favourite commercials. Remember these? 

  • It’s not inside, its onnn top!”. 
  • I wanna be a Simba chippie 
  • Fruit cocktail, M-ango, O, M-ango, O, O, O, Oros 
  • I love it when you talk foreign 

So what made, for example Wimpy’s “I love it when you talk foreign such a sinker? 

Hook: the couple could very easily be our neighbours in whatever dorpie we reside. Also, you didn’t quite know where Wimpy was going with this in the beginning… 

Line: Ah the emotion trigger. Remembering your first date, ‘foreign’ talking partner or the fact that the kids have gone to sleep? 

Sinker: Well, we weren’t expecting that! And there’s a sinker that’s still remembered. 

Well done Wimpy. (Wimpy also had a whole lot of other firsts to make their restaurants inclusive to all – check it out).  

What the world was musing over this past week

Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word? 3

99 ways to love yourself a little better 

Don’t say you’ve got no one to love. You wonderful human being, here’s how to love yourself a little better

Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word? 4

Swipe right on these hotel rooms 

If you’re suffering from a severe case of wanderlust, forget Tinder and click this link. Here are the most romantic hotel rooms in the world.

Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word? 5

Because you deserve more 

Personal productivity tip of the day – stop doing low-value work.  

Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word? 6

Frankfurt and Kruger are a hot new couple 

Hot on the heels of United’s news, Eurowings Discover will start flying from Frankfurt to Kruger Airport from November, just in time for the summer safari season.

Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word? 7

When you know, you just know 

Did you know that adjectives in English are always used in a specific order? Yup, you didn’t know. But you would never break the rule.

Monday Musings 14 February: What is it about the L-word? 8

Awww, Google Doodle – you did it again 

Google always delivers and for a hit of the warm and fuzzies, go check out today’s cute Valentine’s Day Google Doodle.