Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit

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I’m sure we can all agree that the biggest pitfall of 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic. But before we think about the whole year, let’s keep it bite-sized and focus on a week that’s been filled with plenty of highs and lows, or ‘tips and pits’ as we like to say. 

A significant tip or pit (depending on whether you were rooting for the Republicans or Democrats) was the US election. Even if you weren’t bothered by it all, you’ll likely have seen that Joe Biden is to become the next President of the United States of America after a tense and protracted battle against Donald Trump.  

The Democrat and former Vice President to Barack Obama amassed 290 electoral college votes, taking him over the 207 threshold for victory and putting him officially on the path to the presidency. 

On the subject of presidents, South Africa’s President Ramaphosa will address the nation during the course of this week (09-15 Nov 2020) after a sit down with the NCCC. And let’s hope that there are some positive updates to that infamous red list. We’ve seen plenty of positive content highlighting how, over the past decade, the tourism sector has been one of the best-performing sectors of the economy here at home and the world over.  

Before we dive into the week ahead, here are a few tips and pits from the week gone by: 

Tip: Welcome back, Kulula! The airline announced it will begin flights again from December 1, and Discovery Vitality members are getting a chance to book first. 

Pit:  Business Insider reported that if South African Airways (SAA) tanks, it could take the tourism industry down with it and South Africa’s status as a strategic hub and aviation gateway to Africa would further suffer. 

Tip: The Western Cape Government and Wesgro hosted events in Johannesburg and Durban to officially launch the “We Are Open” tourism campaign in two key domestic markets – announcing the province’s readiness to receive visitors this festive season. 

Pit: Airlines operating flights to South Africa are reporting extremely low passenger numbers. 

Tip: With the December holidays just around the corner, many South Africans will be travelling locally – a boost for domestic tourism. When you’re ready to grab the car keys and hit the road next year, Getaway has just released their ultimate road trip list for the new year for those already planning their 2021 travel.  

Pit: According to the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA),  the decision by the government to end TERS will be devastating for the hospitality sector, where about three-quarters of employees are either dependent on the scheme or have been retrenched already. 

You know that tingly feeling when someone tells you exactly what you need to hear at the perfect moment? The team at Big Ambitions knows that Seth Godin does that every. single. time. 

He’s one of the most prolific writers on the planet, and with 19 bestselling books, 20 years of daily blogging (he’s never missed a day!) and over 7,500 posts published he’s certainly someone who can help turn your pits into tips. 

Last week he sat down in his most recent interview with Marie Forleo, teaching us to keep creating when there are no guarantees. Key learnings for the session included: 

  • Why “being authentic” is killing your creativity. 
  • Four words that’ll take you from amateur to professional. 
  • What’s really blocking your most important work. 
  • Two questions to ask yourself before starting anything. 
  • Seth’s trick to beating writer’s block – every time.  
  • How to dissolve your resistance and love the work you do. 
Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 1
Seth Godin

Let us know what your tip or pit was for the last week… 

What the world was musing about this past week:

Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 2
Whale isn’t that crazy!

A giant sculpture of a whale’s tail has miraculously saved a train from plummeting more than 30 feet off a railway platform in the Netherlands. The incident occurred in Spijkenisse, Netherlands when a metro train at De Akkers station in the suburbs of Rotterdam crashed through a buffer stop at the end of the railway line. 

Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 3
Time to move to Maurituis

Change out your palm tree Zoom background for the real thing! Mauritius is now offering non-citizens a chance to work from there for an entire year, with a new long-term visa.  

Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 4
More from the Bokke

South Africa has committed to the Rugby Championship until 2030, organising body SANZAAR said Wednesday, ending speculation the World Cup holders were set to shift to Europe. 

Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 5
Don’t forget your mask!

When it comes to face masks, many of us opt for one color and call it a day. Here are some of the best examples of some of the worst masks of the year so far. 

Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 6
Chicken vs hawk. Fight!

Watch this brave hen protect her chicks. 

Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 7
Traders take to the street

Street traders have joined Clean City South Africa – a non-profit organisation that is restoring the inner city of Johannesburg to its former glory. 

Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 8
Durban’s homeless showcase green fingers.

Those less fortunate have used the Covid-19 lockdown period to grow a thriving veggie garden behind the Elangeni Hotel in Durban.

Monday Musings 09 November: The tip and the pit 9
The winning mother-daughter duo for 2020

A mom and her daughter have made history as the first-ever mother-daughter duo to pilot a commercial passenger plane together.