Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker

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Does anyone else feel like they’ve suddenly had to throw on their takkies and start running 100 miles an hour? The tread wearing a little thin, but there’s no stopping you. After all, you’re catching up on two years of work and being busy feels like a reason to celebrate. 

The question is, are you busy, or are you productive? This new workplace era is taking all kinds of new forms, and we need to do our best to control what that will look like. 

How many of you can say that lunch often takes the sideline and is postponed to dinner? Or that any second you have to sit and be quiet, you’re reading something work-related on your smartphone? Almost everyone is listening to voice notes at double speed because, well, I’m too busy to listen to it in slow-mo.  

Slow down boet, there is no busy badge of honour.  A decent lunch break is essential to our brainpower; it feeds our creativity and performance. Without brain food, we are not delivering our best work, and often are unable to remain kind and empathetic in the workplace: we are simply feeding ourselves the message that we have value because we have stuff to do. 

Busyness is a powerful social signal. In today’s fast, catch-up mode of work, we have adopted the hustle culture, where overworking becomes a lifestyle and we often take on more in fear of seeming irrelevant, invaluable or unimportant to the company. 

Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker 1

“We need to understand what people mean when they say that they are busy. Are they using the word as a proxy for other feelings such as fatigue or being overwhelmed? Is it a silent plea for recognition for their hard work? Are they saying they need help to prioritize? Sometimes, it can be easier to lump these more nuanced expressions of emotion under the umbrella term of busy.”, Lindsay Kohler, Forbes article

Employers are starting to see work and life as interchangeable. Companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook have started offering egg-freezing options to their employees, recognizing the lack of time to build a family. 

Hayibo! Say what now? 

That’s right, we’re too busy, even for that! 

If some international businesses are looking seriously at adopting 4-day work-weeks, then there must be a way to be more productive in a five-day work week, surely? Or will they be closer to burnout? One freelancer started working five-hour days during lockdown and hasn’t looked back. She finds she is more productive by limiting her work hours and as a result happier in her personal life.  

Here are 11 differences between busy people and productive people. If we set ourselves one goal, we are likely to achieve it; if we set ourselves seven, we are likely to achieve none. 

The reality is success doesn’t look like busyness; success looks like productivity. A shift from being busy to being productive is necessary and will allow us the chance to sit back at the end of the day, open up that castle lager, light the fire and reflect on a successful day.  

Don’t be busy, be lekker.  

Mindful Musings 

Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker 2

Marketing Musings

It’s always very special when we see South Africans featured internationally for their various talents or achievements. Disney has just released their Christmas advert featuring our very own Loyiso. Last year’s ‘Lola’ secured more than 106 million views, celebrating festive traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.  

This year’s exclusively South African version has Loyiso performing an emotional rendition of ‘Love Runs Deeper’. 

In addition to this feel-good marketing news, malls across the country will be showcasing Disney-themed Christmas trees in support of The Smile Foundation. 

What the world was musing over this past week 

Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker 3

Risky business 

A Japanese airline gets innovative with selling mystery destination tickets via a vending machine. Travellers can now take a gamble and be on a flight within an hour.  

Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker 4

A creative concierge job

Hotels and resorts have introduced a variety of creative concierge jobs, this one allows them to mingle with the guests and convey important messages to clients at the same time.  

Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker 5

Honorary Ranger and a K9 Unit 

Several Honorary Rangers have got together to purchase satellite GPS data for the K9 unit in the Kruger National Park.  

Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker 6  

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