Monday Musings 07 March: Africa, let’s live again

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This week’s release of SA Tourism’s Live Again campaign brought a lump to the throat of many industry players. The ad captures so wonderfully the inner-calling Africa instils in travellers, the beauty we continue to share with the world and the colourful cultures that make up who we are. 

TRAVEL will Live Again. 

“Come as you are, leave as you’ll never be again.” – SA Tourism 

Watch it here:

Can you feel the industry rumble and hum? That hum that sounds in the background as tourism starts to fit its puzzle pieces back together.  

Many industry players are preparing for tourism events once again, such as Africa Travel Week’s hybrid event next month. Speakers are clearing their throats, interactive displays adding their final design touches and, as events start to live again, teams are buzzing about in a joyful tizz that has been missed oh so much.  

We can see life again in tourism across the continent, with Uganda bouncing back, Mauritius reaching out to digital nomads to assist in bringing tourism back and the re-opening of iconic hotels – did you know City Lodge alone has reopened all 56 of its hotels in South Africa

Small businesses have hope again as well, as Google reached out to South African SMMEs in February, explaining how they support local start-ups, giving much hope to improving lives across Africa.  

According to the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund in Africa Program, “Start-ups in South Africa have the potential to unlock a myriad of job opportunities for South Africans through innovative thinking and products.”  

The Live Again message has not just been a message for travellers coming from rainy England, but rather a strong message that threads beautifully through the industry – one of LIFE! The video touched South Africa’s industry deeply and has acted as a reminder that Events will live again, Businesses will live again, Travellers can live again, WE will Live Again.  

Mindful Musings 

Monday Musings 07 March: Africa, let’s live again 1

Marketing Musings: Video Marketing trend in 2022 

Although Live Again is a beautiful, bells-and-whistles 90-second global powerhouse of an ad – it does capture the power of video.  

And video – in all its forms – is a something we can expect to see a lot more of as we move further into 2022.  

That’s right: the video content trend is on the rise.  But creating videos has become a lot easier, you don’t need to spend thousands to create something that will benefit your brand. Video is now a cost-effective tool to use in your marketing strategies, let’s see how: 

ITNA gives some insight to some of the exciting video marketing trends we can look forward to this year: 

1. Shoppable Video 

Videos with shoppable hotspots allow viewers to learn more about your business without leaving your page. 

2. Use-Generated Video 

Facilitate collaboration with the right incentives for your customers to create content on their social networks, which you can then reshare for a wider reach. 

3. Interactive Video 

With interactive videos, viewers are no longer relegated to passive viewing but are also part of the experience. 

4. Search Optimised Videos 

Creating good videos has little to do with the type as much as the fact that you want Google to be able to find them. There is no escape from search engine optimization, even for video marketing. 

5. Behind the Scenes Videos 

Consider including employees in the videos and other events and critical facts that strengthen your relationship with your clients. 

6. Live Stream Videos 

By embracing live video during these times, brands can build engagement and gain a competitive advantage. 

7. Silent Captions Videos 

Advertisements with captions are watched on average for 12% longer than advertisements without captions.

8. Optimise for different channels 

Your video content needs to be optimised for different channels to ensure the highest possible engagement rate. 

“Video content will develop and become more popular among consumers over the coming years, so do not ignore it!” – ITNA 

What the world was musing over this past week 

Monday Musings 07 March: Africa, let’s live again 2

An auction for a good cause 

How Many Elephants works to raise awareness around the horrific statistics of elephant poaching in Africa. This auction will use all funds to help combat the issue that Africa faces on a daily basis.

Monday Musings 07 March: Africa, let’s live again 3

Grow a little 

South African Tourism continues to create market access for SMMEs, ensuring opportunities continue for them to grow.

Monday Musings 07 March: Africa, let’s live again 4

State of Disaster: Is the end in sight? 

The 15th of March is when our National State of Disaster expires once again, totalling nearly 24 months! South Africans wait in much anticipation for the removal of masks and a return to even more normality in the upcoming months.

Monday Musings 07 March: Africa, let’s live again 5

Heat wave skiing 

If you ever thought you had to go to a cold destination to ski, you might be wrong. Saudi Arabia is looking to build a ski experience in the heart of the desert.