Monday Musings 04 October: Are you writing a story worth telling?

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“Is this thing working? Can you hear me?”   

Do you remember the days of paper cups and string telephones, where messages were created and forgotten? They seem to be long gone… Has creative communication been lost to the world of iPads and smartphones? Are photo albums fading into non-existence? It seems that keeping track of our own stories has become more difficult with time as we scatter the storyline all over the place.

Social media has become the library of our lives and that of our children, and you need to ask, are you happy with what your grandbabies will be seeing on your accounts? Or will the telephone potentially be broken?  

Ultimately, the ways we write and tell our life stories needs to be considered. Much like the broken telephone, we need to keep our stories on track and control what is being written. 

African communities have a beautiful tradition of storytelling, and we can admire the way they retell stories and engage with all ages. The tradition dates back many generations and is used for many purposes such as an interpretation of the universe, teaching morals, maintaining cultural values and passing on survival methods.

The beauty of African storytelling lies in the gathering of the community; all ages wrapped around the fire, listening to Gogo’s lessons. Older generations share their wisdom and the younger generations continue to pass the stories on to their children.  

It does make you wonder, what story are you writing? And is it worthy of our retelling?  

Let’s consider for a minute if you’d like to be the protagonist of an epic story, and I’m talking The God’s must be Crazy epic … it doesn’t get much better than a Coca-cola bottle falling from the sky, right? Or would you prefer to be remembered for losing your iPad on national television?  

Some oke will be remembered as the ‘creepy’ king in this failed Burger King advert – don’t be that guy! 

Monday Musings 04 October: Are you writing a story worth telling? 1

It certainly feels like COVID-19 is the only story we are writing these days; with the anticipated removal off the red list we can hopefully, finally breathe a little more and start looking forward. 

One creative body got behind his social media account and speaks of future life in 2714, where he is supposedly trapped in time. Now there’s a man leaving an interesting legacy!  

So, let’s get those pencils wagging, it’s never too late to leave a legacy worth remembering, and just to prove my point: 79-year-old Hugh Butler recently found his youth on an e-bike and is rediscovering South Africa as we speak. 

The heavens know that what we’ve been through over the last two years needs to feel worth it somehow, and being in control of our own stories is the only way to manage that.  

It’s time to get back on track so that our stories are worthy of being retold to future generations. 

Mindful Musings 

Monday Musings 04 October: Are you writing a story worth telling? 2

Marketing Musings  

Brand-driven storytelling 

Stories create emotion and connection, and you can use your online marketing tools to sew the two together and create the excitement of travel.

Although most destination marketing campaigns focus on feeling authentic, Travel Oregon chose a different way to sell – and produced an animated video that feels like a dream. The video takes you on a cartoon journey through the destination and although a little fantastical, the video brings back the excitement of travel.  

When brand-driven storytelling is done correctly, the overall impact of the campaign will touch hearts and create desire to travel.  

Here are six steps to a better narrative: 

  1. Turn storytelling on its head 

Eliminate the suspense by giving the ending first, this keeps your audience from being distracted by trying to work it out.  

  1. Make it memorable, but don’t forget your goal 

Keeping an end goal in mind will allow your story to stay on track and keep its purpose. Without the goal in mind, your story can easily go astray.  

  1. Think about your story from the audience’s perspective 

Know your audience. “The needs of your audience, the value to your business and the path to your persuasive goal” need to stay top of mind at all times. 

  1. Distil your story 

Keeping the story simple is key. If you can’t tweet it in a single line you need to reconsider the story. Attention is hard kept these days – captivating the audience is key. 

  1. Find the problem first 

Your story needs to have antagonist, it can unite your audience and your solution ends up looking better. 

  1. Use the rule of three 

Storytelling 101: Using three acts to frame a story.

Three examples or three steps… bring your audience in with just enough detail to keep them captivated, but not too much that you lose them.  

What the world was musing over this past week  

Monday Musings 04 October: Are you writing a story worth telling? 3

Road tripping in a hearse

Thinking an RV is maybe a little big? Check out this couple that converted a hearse, nicknamed it ‘The Grim Sleeper’ and hit the road on an adventure.

Monday Musings 04 October: Are you writing a story worth telling? 4

#Jab4Tourism – let’s do it! 

This campaign, aimed at encouraging vaccinations, has hit the ground running and plans to continue its push to assist in the tourism industry’s recovery. Have you had your #jabfortourism? We have!

Monday Musings 04 October: Are you writing a story worth telling? 5

Kite festival flies high

NPO, Cape Mental Health, kicks off the Cape Town International Kite Festival in October with a goal to raise R100 000. Funds will contribute to providing free mental healthcare services. 

Monday Musings 04 October: Are you writing a story worth telling? 6

Western Cape wine for the win! 

Creation Wines in Hermanus has just won 10th place in the World’s Best Vineyards competition, the highest prize a South African wine farm has ever got.

Monday Musings 04 October: Are you writing a story worth telling? 7

Need an adrenaline rush?

Watch out below! The longest zipline, of over 3km, is coming to the Overberg region and is expected to run 500m up off the ground.