How to maximise your online content

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If you’re new to creating content and often find yourself burning the midnight oil creating blog after blog or post after post, stop what you are doing and continue reading before the well runs dry.

Whether you create content for your own brand or for other businesses, there are ways to maximise your online content that you have already produced, without wasting time creating even more. Here are our 3 top tips how to get started.

Tip #1 re-treading on old ground is not a sin

Believe it or not, people love to revisit topics that they have come across in the past, especially if it is inspiring and useful. Don’t be afraid to repurpose or re-publish an article, blog piece or social media post, even if it covers a topic that has already been done.

Believe it or not, not everyone saw that post back in 2015 on the “Best ways to view the Northern Lights”, a topic that remains relevant each year. Think about it. Sitcoms often use the same storylines and Taylor Swift is always singing about break ups, yet she continues to sell millions of albums each year. Many topics maintain their relevance online, but no one can tell it like you can.

Go see what you can repurpose from your own content to really maximise your online content. Last year’s December “round-up” blog post could magically transform into an easy to read infographic on Pinterest, or form the basis of a new Youtube video script.

Tip #2 write less, promote more

Let’s face it, we don’t all want to write blogs or create social media posts every day. It takes a lot of energy and time to create meaningful online content. So for our next tip, try working with what you already have and promote the heck out of it.

If you wrote a great article or blog piece six months ago that only 100 people read, but you know is actually applicable to 1000 people, why should those other 900 not get to read it too?

It doesn’t quite make sense to now go post your content willy-nilly over every single online platform, so to really maximise your online content, focus on two to three social media channels that work for your brand where you can revive an epic piece of content and boost it into a whole new percentage of your audience. Remember, quality over quantity, always.

Tip #3 Maximise your online content amongst your tribe

This one takes a little extra effort but it’s all about getting to the source. Start engaging in community groups online that you seek to serve with your content. Facebook community groups are great for this, as are Reddit forums.

If you’ve already created a well-thought out, informative blog post around the topic of ‘Wellness holidays in South Africa’ for example, look at joining fitness, hiking, and yoga community groups to maximise your online content.

Keep an eye out for daily posts from other members that centre around this a topic that relates to your content. It’s not about spamming groups and going trigger happy with your blog posts, it’s about contributing to conversation threads where you can post your content in a useful and meaningful way for your community.