How to be a better influencer

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It sounds redundant, but if you want to learn how to be a better influencer, you need to be open to learning constantly how to be a better influencer.

Social media is changing all the time, and marketing strategies are too, so you need to stay ahead of the curb to remain current and to grow your online presence. Even the most established influencers, who have been at it for years, are always learning how to be innovative, and to improve their strategies – it’s how they manage to stay current.

If you want to be a successful influencer, you have to be open to being a lifelong learner.

How to be a better influencer marketing by watching others

If you want to learn how to be a better influencer, start by studying the best.

Whether you’re a newbie influencer still deciding on your influencer domain name because all the best ones are taken, or have been burning the midnight oil for quite some time, you need to make sure you are trolling other established influencers in your field.

It’s never healthy to downright compare (please don’t do that, you are a unique individual and no one can build the incredible, magnificent, meaningful brand that you can build), but by watching others who have figured out how to do some really cool stuff, you can low-key pick up on the strategies they are using, so that you can do them even better.

How to be a better influencer marketing by building your community

Besides watching other influencers on social media, you can also start engaging with them on community groups. Not only will you get a front-row seat to an array of daily tips and tricks shared by other influencers, but when the going gets rough and you find yourself stuck in a social media slump, it helps to have someone (or a whole community) to turn to.

You can ask any question on how to do things better, from pinpointing ideas for new posts, to what cameras take the best pictures. You can even post about your latest meltdown over changing algorithms just to let off some steam.

The influencer Facebook community groups were so helpful, I even used them to help me generate content for this Big Ambitions blog.

Two of my top picks of Facebook groups you can join now are:

  • Boost your Blog: Boost Your Blog was created by Helene Sula who runs her own platform called ( a great one to keep an eye on). She’s been blogging for 7 years and started the community group a couple years ago. Today, she is the admin to just over 37, 000 members.
  • South African Bloggers Network: Another great group to join if you haven’t already, is the local community group called South African Bloggers Network which has around 3,000 members.

What other influencers have to say…

To help you get started in your quest on how to be a better influencer, I asked some local and international influencers on what they’re getting up to and which social platforms work for them.

In a nutshell, I asked them the following simple questions to get the conversation going:

  1. Do you collaborate with other brands?
  2. How often do you collaborate with other brands?
  3. Which social media channels are working best for you to grow your own brand?

Di Brown, The Roaming Giraffe, RSA

I collaborate with travel brands on average once a month. Mainly airlines, luggage, car, accommodation and online booking sites, says Di Brown aka The Roaming Giraffe. They usually approach me and if I do pitch to a brand there is usually an existing online relationship. I do not boost anything, ever, so depending on the content.

Overall, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, for me, tend to get some really good engagement.

Annie Murlowski, Rocky Mountain Bliss, USA

My brand is Annie Murlowski and I’m a lifestyle and travel blogger from Colorado. To keep a balance of content, I usually collaborate with travel brands once per quarter. Most partnerships are initiated on my end and I focus on hotels and local amenities. My most effective social channel aside from my blog is Instagram.

Dalila Dias, Heels and Spices, USA

I’m a food and travel blogger and a keto coach. I’m a newbie and only recently started my travel services so I am not collaborating yet with travel brands yet. For me, Instagram and Pinterest are the most effective. Check out my site at

Jenna Urben, The Urben Life, Portugal

I’m a food and lifestyle blogger in Dallas and my platform is called and I’ve only just started reaching out to brands for travel content. Ideally, I would say that I collaborate with travel brands a few times per year. I normally approach travel brands and Instagram is an effective extension of my blog, but most of the traffic comes from Pinterest!

Llewellyn Lambert, Hospitality Hedonist, RSA

Collaborations with brands for Hospitality Hedonist manifests itself in different mediums. Sometimes I’ll attend the launch of a new product or service offering and this is simply “showing face” to get to know more about a brand, it’s ethos, and if it aligns with what I hope to share with my audience. If so, I then focus on establishing a relationship with the brand to create content. Others are in-depth experiences for the likes of tourism bodies and accommodation offerings. Overall, I try stick to no more than two events/collabs in a week.

More often than not, I am approached by brands across the lifestyle spectrum, from grooming products, the latest design industry launches, to hospitality and travel. However, there are instances when I’ll open up the conversation in hope of establishing a symbiotic working relationship which resonates with the proposed audience.

For Hospitality Hedonist, it’s about what I am sharing, and who we hope to reach, and of course what the reason is of the post/content; are we sharing a review? Are we promoting a social responsibility cause? Have we been hired to sell something? Each brand collaboration is bespoke, posted to our audience in a different way, specifically worded and timed depending on what we hope to achieve. In brief, Instagram may be the “it” thing at the moment, but for travel/accommodation posts these need to be paired with clickable links to the blog post which I hope give more structure to the story, and more context than a beautiful selfie in the ball and claw bathtub on the 16th floor of a leading 5-star property.

Pily Noriega Jareda, The Lifestyle Hunter, Mexico

I often I collaborate with tour providers, but I have to approach them nowadays mainly in Cape Town because I’m a Mexican expat. To increase my blog traffic Pinterest is the best by far, by scheduling with Boardbooster and Facebook or by manually uploading posts. For engagement, I receive the most on Instagram which is my biggest account.

Alex Berger, The Berger Bungalow, USA

I work with travel brands at least once a week on my platform called I usually work with hotels, tourism agencies and restaurants. It goes both ways for me but when I am traveling somewhere specific, I usually reach out to them. Instagram and Facebook are best for engagement, while Pinterest is great for driving traffic to my website.

Julie, FrameAmbition, Kenya

I’m based in Cape Town and I collaborate with brands once or twice a year at this stage, ranging from tourism boards, tour/experience operators, accommodation and transport providers. I also work with clothing and accessory brands due to my work as a model. Majority of the time I’ll seek out the brands and approach them. Facebook and Instagram (particularly due to the interactive features in stories) are definitely best for me. To take a look at Julie’s site, click here:

Verushka Ramasami, Spice Goddess, RSA

With my brand ( I collaborate at least 3 times a year with Travelstart and this is always paid work. I get domestic flights from them normally 3 times a year for a quick post on their site(unpaid). House of Samsonite and American Tourister in particular, sponsor my luggage so every time I travel, I post pics and do packing posts.

When you ask if I get approached or I approach brands, I would honestly say it’s a bit of both. I often ask to be added to their mailing list to keep certain brands in mind to collaborate with. Facebook and Twitter work really well for me.