Connecting influencers and travel brands at BigConnect

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The wine and conversation were flowing at our recent #BigConnect, a networking event hosted by Big Ambitions in Cape Town to get influencers and travel brands talking about how to work more closely together.

Working with influencers

The Incidental Tourist herself, Dawn Jorgensen, was on hand to provide her first-hand perspective on being an influencer in travel. Providing sound advice for influencers and travel brands, Dawn’s presentation took us through the various types of campaigns that travel brands can run in conjunction with influencers, as well as the value that influencer marketing can bring to travel.

Working with video

Dean Paarman from showed us how to put a social media video  together in literally 5 minutes.  And if you want to learn to do it yourself, why not take their online video creation course

All Big Ambitions attendees at #BigConnect qualify for a discounted rate of R950 to attend’s last workshop for the year on 7 December at Once in Cape Town. Only 5 spots left!! Email Dean or visit Travelvids for details.

Working with travel brands

Our panel discussion with Lyle Scritten (Travelstart), Lee Raskinen (Virgin Atlantic) and Theresa Szejwallo (Trafalgar) saw us tackle the controversial topic of paying influencers, and the difference between ‘blogger/media trips’ and campaigns. The travel brands outlined how they choose influencers with whom they work, what their expectations are and the opportunities to work with travel brands. Check out our Facebook Live feed for all the discussions.

Working with Little Big Wines

Little Big Wines was on hand to tantalise our tastebuds with their selection of, well… little big wines: little dry red, little dry white and who could forget that little big blush! Thank you to Lord Riaan and his super cool crew for bringing the chocolate along. Check out what they have to offer here.

Working with Big Ambitions

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Until the next #BigConnect!