Monday Musings 24 January: Remember when it was rude to take your shoes off at the airport?

shoes at the airport

The past week felt tinged with nostalgia for some of our little Big Ambitions team. The reason? Where to start?  The killing of the fish paste. Who didn’t feel distraught at the news that Peck’s Anchovette and Redro fish paste are no more? First the great Marmite shortage, then Nestlé’s Chocolate Log, and now our beloved fish paste. Journalist Jeremy Maggs summed up our collective feelings when he said: “My world is […]

Monday Musings 17 January: Saying Goodbye to Random Acts of Content

Monday Musings

Has your year got off to a good start? If you’re anything like me (and I reckon 95% of the world’s population) you gave New Year’s resolutions a skip this year. After all, resolutions are not the vibe for 2022. As writer Faith Hill says, “If we can’t let go of frantic self-improvement nearly two years into a pandemic, when […]

Monday Musings 10 January: What’s your word of the year?


Perhaps, if you were lucky, 2020 passed by in a blur of WFH Zoom meetings (shirt on top, pyjamas on the bottom), quarantinis, doomscrolling, unmuting and heightened anxiety.  In 2021, we slowly relearnt how to communicate face-to-face and may even have attempted to shimmy back into a pair of pre-COVID expansion jeans. We rolled up our sleeves for our […]

“End of the year” Musings: Our favourite travel pieces from 2021


It was another turbulent year for the global travel and tourism industry. In the face of all the ups and downs, about turns, chaos and confusion, it was up to travel writers to keep the dream alive. And boy did they deliver in spades.   While 2020 was all about armchair travel, 2021 was about getting out and exploring the world again – with joy, confidence, optimism and […]

Monday Musings 13 December: Set the rudder and grab the oars. 2022 here we come!

Monday musings

Listen up 2022! 2020 caught us by surprise. We bargained with 2021 to play nice. This time, the gloves are off and we’re ready for whatever you want to throw at us. Let me remind you that with that comes an industry that has built stronger relationships and people who have cultivated the strength and determination to handle just about anything.   Much like the Cape […]

Monday Musings 06 December: When the chips are down…

Monday Musings dog-bulldog-pet-puppy-animal-white-cute-canine-boston-breed-portrait-domestic-young-adorable-funny_t20_8d9ywV (1)

There are some moments in history that are so odd, so surreal, that they sound entirely made up. Omicron will be one of those moments – mark my words!   What happened in the past week and a half defies all logic. I’m not sure how historians will manage to capture the events. Maybe something along the lines of:  South Africa’s scientific community showed […]

Monday Musings 29 November: Fairy tales don’t end in the dark forest

Monday musings

A shorter musings this week because as you can imagine, there is a lot going on. Am I allowed to use the word rollercoaster?   I mean, we all woke up on Thursday morning (with literally 4 weeks to Christmas) feeling pretty good. By the afternoon the world had a brand new variant, and over the next three days we could only watch in horror and disbelief as South Africa’s […]

Monday Musings 22 November: Who’s the CEO of you?

Monday Musings

We’re huge fans of Seth Godin here in the Big Ambitions virtual office and Seth realised another 163 words of magic in his latest CEO of You blog.   What do CEOs do? And why do they get paid the big bucks? As Seth so succinctly puts it, the good ones make decisions. That’s it. Short, sweet (sometimes) and simple (hardly).   Making decisions can be incredibly difficult. It’s the reason why we’ve covered ‘decision […]

Monday Musings 15 November: Slow down, to speed up

Monday Musings

I have most of my best ideas in the shower.   Not when I’m sitting behind my PC; not when I’m in a meeting. Rather, when my mind is wandering, unfocussed and when my brain has slowed down.  That flash of brilliance will arrive with the speed of a Tasmanian Devil between the two shampoos, seemingly eons away from me […]

Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker

Monday Musings 08 November: Don’t be busy, be lekker 45

Does anyone else feel like they’ve suddenly had to throw on their takkies and start running 100 miles an hour? The tread wearing a little thin, but there’s no stopping you. After all, you’re catching up on two years of work and being busy feels like a reason to celebrate.  The question is, are you busy, or are you productive? This […]