What we did

Bringing tourism product that sits on the periphery of the traditional channel – this is one of the lofty goals of Jurni (formerly the National Tourism Visitor Information System transformation initiative). Not only is this an imperative in terms of the socio-economic contribution that tourism can play in South Africa’s economy. It is also something that our international trade partners have requested – new, inclusive tourism product that reflects the diversity that South Africa has to offer. 

Although Jurni’s main ambit of operations is to create technology solutions with the ultimate goal of collecting and showcasing meaningful travel and tourism data, it has developed an SMME booking tool as one of the means of collecting the data from tourism product that cannot afford to access their customers online through traditional online booking tools. 

Services activated

Design, PR, Events, Content creation, Website Design

What happened

The mechanism of the Jurni Gems campaign saw tourism industry stakeholders nominate their favourite ‘gem’s in each province. These were then promoted across social media, media and in associations’ owned platforms encouraging the travel industry to vote for their favourites in each province, with one main winner selected as the national Jurni Gem. 

Before the Jurni Gems campaign was launched, there was no traction on the organisation’s website. 

The eventual winner of the Jurni Gems campaign had as many as 1169 votes, while the runner-up achieved 969 votes – demonstrating the level of additional traffic that was directed to the Jurni website as a result of the Jurni Gems campaign. 

How we did it

Launching Jurni to the tourism industry fell to Big Ambitions. We were tasked with creating awareness of Jurni’s role as an initiative to consolidate data from different sources to create insights for the tourism industry. But more so, to raise awareness among product usually excluded from the regular channels, such as rural tourism SMMEs, about the opportunity to access the national and international channel through the online tools now offered by Jurni.  

Further to this, was the goal of raising awareness within the tourism industry that this product exists and is market-ready, all with the aim of contributing to President Ramaphosa’s vision for tourism to enhance its contribution to the South African economy.   

Our audience was clear: Sidelined tourism SMMEs and the established tourism industry both locally and internationally.   

The goal: To level the playing field for all stakeholders in South Africa and improve geographic distribution of tourism.  

Jurni Gems Campaign:  

Big Ambitions pitched and implemented the Jurni Gems campaign, which was launched in October 2019, and sought to highlight and promote those lesser-known SMME products across the country to the established tourism sector. By nominating and promoting these SMMEs, we were also successful in raising awareness about the potential for these to access the channel through Jurni’s SMME booking tool. The campaign comprised: 

  • A Jurni Gems landing page with the ability to nominate and vote for tourism SMMEs across the country
  • A Facebook and Twitter social media marketing campaign
  • Content marketing and PR in key travel industry publications locally and internationally
  • Content distributed through tourism associations, such as SATSA.

But, don’t take our word for it…

Jurni was launched in May 2019 by the Minister of Tourism, Big Ambitions played a vital role in providing professional support in terms of introducing and creating awareness for Jurni in the Travel & Tourism industry; media liaison during the launch, Minister and Exco talking points to align with relevant audiences. Providing up-to date researched content, updated website, managing social media and blog. Big Ambitions will let your company focus on the core of your business whilst they manage the reputation and exposure in the market. You can rest assured that with their tailored affordable service; it’s a win-win relationship.

Tshepo Matlou – Chief Marketing Officer

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