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Monday Musings 16 May: Are you phubbing kidding me?

Any other moms notice that pre-primary schools have had an astounding increase in playground injuries over the last year? As social distancing rules have lifted, kids are sharing play spaces with more children than they’re

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Monday Musings 9 May: What if you’re part of the rad, cool and forgotten generation?

Yesterday was a time to celebrate all the moms of this world – the moms with newborns, toddlers, tweens and teens; the women who are longing to be moms; the moms who have lost their babies;

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Tuesday Takeaway 03 May: Rethinking the 4-Day Week  

Confession time. I have always loved the idea of a 4-day working week. So much so, that at our last teambuilding event I was even bold enough to write ‘4-day week’ on our 2022 vision

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Monday Musings 25 April: It’s time to think out of the box 

The funny thing about change is that it can go either way – it can be the best thing that happened, and it can feel like the worst. It is, however, inevitable and if we

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Tuesday Takeaway 19 April: Buckle up, the metaverse is calling 

If you feel like living on earth is complicated enough, alt tab your way out of today’s Tuesday Takeaway tout de suite.   You’re about to enter a world of funny looking ape figures, non-fungible tokens

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Monday Musings 11 April: What do pets, submarines and cherry blossoms have in common? 

Honestly, nothing we can think of apart from the fact that they’re all ‘celebrated’ in some way today.   One does wonder who comes up with the rather random days that are marked each year.

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