Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through?

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South Africa may be walking into winter, admiring the crispy autumnal leaves and mornings that are significantly frostier, but in your life, on your desk, in your mind – perhaps you’re walking through a completely different season.  

Author Katherine May had these rather poetic words to share on the seasons of life: 

“We are in the habit of imagining our lives to be linear, a long march from birth to death in which we mass our powers, only to surrender them again, all the while slowly losing our youthful beauty. This is a brutal untruth. Life meanders like a path through the woods. We have seasons when we flourish and seasons when the leaves fall from us, revealing our bare bones. Given time, they grow again.” Source: Wintering.

Whether you’re prancing through spring, ticking off your to do list with energy and positivity or putting one step in front of another, wading through a winter slush of seemingly never-ending emails and Asana notifications, know that it’s ok. This season too shall pass.  
If you’re feeling more stressed than normal (wouldn’t be surprising, would it?), psychologist Kelly McGonigal shared in this TED Talk some tips on how we can make stress our friend. Turns out, perhaps stress is only bad in our heads. Here’s how we can see stress as a positive and reduce stress by reaching out to others. Perhaps it is that simple? Embrace the stress and embrace the season.  

Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through? 1

Having made it through their lockdown winter season, the Brits are hoping for the green light for their summer holidays in Europe, while enterprising tour companies on the continent are looking to kickstart vaccine tourism. Would you travel to get vaccinated? European tour companies are starting to offer pre-bookings for coronavirus vaccine getaways to countries such as Russia, Turkey and even Germany. But is vaccine tourism legal? Is it ethical?  

One of our favourite island escapes, the Maldives has announced plans to vaccinate visitors on arrival. It is hoped the proposed “3V Program” (visit, vaccinate and vacation) will help the country reach its 1.5 million tourist arrivals goal in 2021. Almost 90% of the country’s frontline tourism workers and 51.5% of residents have received their first jab, with the tourist vaccination programme to be implemented only once 100% of residents have been vaccinated.

Wherever you find yourself in the world (one dose in or zero doses on the horizon for the average South African!) and whichever season you find yourself in, we hope you’re looking ahead with positivity. This too shall pass! 

Mindful Musings 

Here’s this week’s top quote to put in your pocket from James Clear…

Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through? 2

Marketing Musings 

Global paint brand Dulux landed up in the doghouse after a series of tongue in cheek Twitter replies regarding their sponsorship with popular Premier League Club, Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs), was announced last week.  
In response to tweets from rival clubs, Dulux (perhaps trying to emulate cheeky Nando’s?) responded with tweets such as the famous Dulux sheepdog might do a better job at playing and referencing the club’s dusty cabinet (the club hasn’t won a trophy since 2008). The tweets were subsequently deleted.  
“We’re deeply sorry for the posts from Dulux this morning in response to the announcement of our relationship with @SpursOfficial,” the paint-maker said in a statement. “These do not reflect how proud we are to be the Official Paint Supplier of the Club. We’re investigating what happened and apologise to all Spurs fans.” 

Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through? 3

Although some are less ruffled by the Twitter controversy. Spurs manager Jose Mourinho was said to look bemused when he was asked about the controversy. 
What lesson can we learn from this hair-raising situation? Get approval on those social media posts (especially with sponsors) and read the room.

What the world was musing over this past week  

Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through? 4

Why Zoom fatigue is worse for women 

Researchers at Stanford University found that overall, one in seven women compared with one in 20 men reported feeling “very” to “extremely” fatigued after Zoom calls. What’s making it worse for women? The “self-focused attention” triggered by the self-view in video conferencing.

Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through? 5

Vaccinate for a free round 

If you’re in the States, the next round’s on you. Budweiser is offering a free round of beer for those 21 years and older who’ve been vaccinated. The beer company received praise for reallocating Super Bowl advertising funds towards COVID-19 vaccine education and awareness.

Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through? 6

Mega trends in digital marketing 

2020 didn’t go according to plan? Ha! Here are ‘what we expect’ to be mega trends transforming the world of digital marketing for 2021 and beyond, from big data to global connectivity. 

Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through? 7

Women roaring in Africa 

Tourism Update shared this inspiring video by CEO and Founder of ROAR Africa, Deborah Calmeyer, of the latest Women’s Empowerment trip. Meet the female pilots, rangers, guides, sommeliers and trackers showing women that the sky is the limit.

Monday Musings 19 April: What season are you meandering through? 8

Post-pandemic success – what leaders need to know 

From replicating the in-office environment to fostering connection even though we’re apart, here’s how forward thinking leaders can enable their people for success – now and post-pandemic.

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