Monday Musings 12 July 2021: Dear Intern

Monday Musings 12 July 2021: Dear Intern 1

We’ve thought long and hard about pressing send on this week’s mailer. Because it hasn’t been a great day. Because colleagues and friends have been affected by the violence and unrest in KZN. Because there is a lot going on. If you’re feeling the same despair and anxiety – please park this and revisit it […]

Monday Musings 07 June: A spark of crazy optimism

Monday Musings 12 July 2021: Dear Intern 7

It’s hard to believe, but we’re almost halfway through 2021. Winter’s here, the Drakensberg has had its first dusting of snow and we’ve ticked off another month under lockdown level something or other.   What, if anything, has changed? South Africans are still bracing themselves for the third wave; load shedding is back with a vengeance; the UK’s red list remains as unyielding as Mauritius’s borders; and the biggest Mercury […]

Monday Musings: We’ve hit a wall … but can you hack it?

Monday Musings 12 July 2021: Dear Intern 15

The little octopus that could! It was wonderful to wake up to the news this morning that the proudly-SA docci, My Octopus Teacher scooped the Bafta for Best Documentary. Congratulations to the entire team – and that acceptance speech brings all the feels!   It’s now the middle of April, and we’ve got another crazy, busy week under […]

Monday Musings: One year on, how life has changed!

Monday Musings

Can you believe it’s been a year already? A year since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic on 11 March 2020 – but still  couple of weeks away from when South Africans bought a few more bottles of vino to get us through our 21-day lockdown. Honestly, we had no clue what was […]

Monday Musings 19 October: If you want to go far …

Monday Musings 19 October: If you want to go far …

This year has been completely bonkers. An out-of-control rollercoaster lurching from one crisis to the next. And it seems no-one has been spared. So much so, that one weary Canadian has now returned artefacts she pilfered from Pompeii in order to ‘break the curse’ on her and her family. We’ve seen some crazy stories (journalists […]

Monday Musings 21 September: “After terminal wait, cleared for liftoff”

Monday Musings 12 July 2021: Dear Intern 32

Can you tell a story in six words? Cape Talk had us asking the question when John Maytham reminded us of the six-word memoir project, started by Larry Smith, founder and editor of SMITH magazine, back in 2006. A passionate storyteller, Smith was inspired by the legend of Ernest Hemingway, who (it is said) when […]