Tuesday Tinkerings: We’ve come a long way

Tuesday Tinkerings: We've come a long way 1

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “tinker” as an “attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.” Sounds about right doesn’t it? Aren’t we tinkering about in 2021, trying to repair life that unravelled spectacularly in 2020?   Perhaps you’re hankering after a simpler time. An existence when social distancing, Zoom calls, masks and sanitiser were the unusual, rather than the norm.  If you fancy travelling […]

Monday Musings: What’s your uniform of hope?

Monday Musings: What’s your uniform of hope? 9

Hello Level One! The further easing of our lockdown levels is certainly cause for celebration (a socially distanced, mask wearing, sanitised, calm, please-keep-it-small celebration), sparking some much-needed hope that we’re getting back to business.   There is always a business case for hope – providing it and holding on to it. And as it turns out, there are four core beliefs hopeful people tend to hold on to.  Many people […]

Monday Musings: So, why is your chicken crossing the road?

Monday Musings: So, why is your chicken crossing the road? 16

We all know the chicken crosses the road, right? But the burning question has shifted. It doesn’t really matter why the chicken is crossing the road. Rather, it is to whom does it matter that said chicken is crossing the road? Do we identify with the chickens? Do we care? While this question was asked […]

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino?

Monday Musings: What’s your one domino? 23

If 2021 got off to a rather skittish start (be quiet, be good, don’t touch anything), and you needed last week to (tentatively) ring in the new year all over again, we’re hoping the reboot was successful.

Monday Musings: What are you putting in your shopping basket?

Kitten in basket

What have you been putting in your virtual carts recently? This past weekend and today saw deal-hungry shoppers descend on the World Wide Web and fill up their carts with all kinds of goodies, while others risked the shops to grab a good deal.

Monday Musings 5 October: When truth is stranger than fiction

Reading Book

You’d be forgiven for thinking 2020 was a year-long April Fool’s joke. If 2020 was a movie, what genre would it be? We’d wager an eclectic mix of science fiction, horror and fantasy with more than a good dose of dark comedy.  Truth may just be stranger than fiction. In our current reality, here’s what made headlines this past week – from the […]

Monday Musings 7 September: That holiday feeling

Monday Musings 7 September: That holiday feeling 24

Missing that holiday feeling? Now that Mzansi is open and spring is colouring the ground in a kaleidoscope of shades, travel-hungry South Africans are bounding out of doors to breathe in the fresh air and explore. Turns out the joy of that holiday feeling has far more important and long-term benefits than just a boost […]

#TravelTuesday 11 August: Remember #TravelTuesday?

#TravelTuesday 11 August: Remember #TravelTuesday? 25

Welcome back to a four day week kickstarting this #TravelTuesday. If the familiar hashtag makes you a little sad, don’t let it. There are silver linings popping up on those clouds as humanity gets more creative and ingenious in adapting to our new daily realities.   First and foremost, Happy Women’s Month to all the fierce and fearless women in travel and tourism. […]

Monday Musings 13 July: When life gives you lemons


More than 100 days after we first went into lockdown and the lemons are piling up. As we buckle down for another tough month, perhaps the toughest yet, the one thing we must hold on to more firmly than ever, is our hope. So, in the interest of seeing the jar half full, the silver […]